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Dec 28, 2009 09:47 PM

Korean Food in Nassau County?

I work in the area of Port Washington and Williston Park. Is there any korean places in the area? Ive heard of a few in Little Neck but anywhere else? It doesn't have to be great just as long as I get my fix of kimchi and all that other good stuff. Let me know, thanks.

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  1. The two I know of are Koreana Restaurant in Hicksville (next to the HIY Supermarket) and the Korean Restaurant in the shopping center on Jericho Tpk on Jericho Tpk and South Oyster Bay Road

    1. I only know the restaurants in Little Neck, but if you are looking for kimchi and other takeout goodies you could go to H-Mart in Great Neck. Of course, that's only a few hundred yards from Little Neck, so you could also have a sit down meal as well if you've driven all the way there.

      1. There is a place diagonally across from Home Depot in Jericho (5 mins from Williston Park) that has Japanese and Korean BBQ. I have not tried it yet - it looks as if it is timidly introducing Korean BBQ to the area. It is a hard sell for the area, but it could work - especially if it is good.