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Dec 28, 2009 09:37 PM

Indonesia Java Restaurant on Clement

We were trying to go to the conservatory of flowers, but never found a way to get to it or a place to park. We found ourselves on Clement looking for lunch. Hungry enough to be snapping at each other.
We went into "Indonesia Java Restaurant" on Clement near 5th if I remember right, and were quite pleased with the food.
We had paratha with a coconut curry sauce that was very good. We wiped up the last of the sauce.
We had green beans sambal. Fresh, crisp, simple. Had onions in it.
We had BBQ chicken. I'm not sure what it was called, maybe Java BBQ chicken. A little bigger than bite-sized pieces of chicken with a tasty sauce over shredded cabbage to absorb drippings. Very tasty.
And we got a shrimp egg foo yung. Joyce said it was the best one she's had on the west coast.
We drank tea. No weird water taste.
We were pleased and surprised that we had such a nice lunch without knowing anything about the place.

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  1. Is that the one across from the Rockit Room? I wasn't overly impressed when I went there

    1. Interesting. Green beans sambal should be complex, spicy and garlicky. If I'd ordered this dish, I would be disappointed by "simple" even if it were tasty.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Perhaps we were insufficiently critical? I guess I was picturing something more complex but am open to individual interpretation and was satisfied that it tasted good. You're right: it should have been called something else than Sambal if it wasn't what that dish normally is. My bad.
        We were so thrilled to stumble onto something we enjoyed rather than it turning out to be a horrible mistake....

      2. I've eaten there twice. I too ordered the egg foo yung, just because you don't see it on menus much. It was actually good -- at least what I remembered egg foo yung to taste like. I think some people like their fries too; kind of sweet with red pepper flakes but not too spicy. Rest of the dishes we had were not that memorable but not bad either. Nice people who run it.