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Hello! I will be traveling to the Burlington and Middlebury area for New Years and need some help finding fabulous restaurants. I am open to traveling around that area (I will be staying in Salisbury), so really anywhere around that region at least. I am looking for a really nice restaurant for new years eve dinner, but also other nice/cool restaurants for other nights I'll be there. Thanks for your help!

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  1. You better call around to see if you can even get reservations this late.

    Trattoria Delia, in Burlington
    L'Amante, also Burlington
    Single Pebble, again, Burlington
    Hen of the Wood, Waterbury

    1. If you're willing to drive to Brookfield, Ariels is doing a fixed price 6 course menu that sounds pretty interesting. Don't know if you can get rezzies at this late date. Call.


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        I totally missed that they were staying in Salibury, just saw the 'Burlington, etc."

        You are not going to want to drive into Burlington from Salisbury on New Years, not with the roads in the condition they're in right now, and not with the weather they're saying will start hitting on New Years.

        Unfortunately, you'll be staying in the middle of nowhere with no good/easy access east-west, so heading into Brookfield, while Ariel's is certainly a lovely place, it's not going to be anything like an easy drive. There's a range of mountains in the way. :)

        You'll be right off Route 7, though. I'm not as familiar with the good restaurants in that area, but I think you really want to stick closer to Salisbury than Sherburne or Burlington. Maybe there's something in Vergennes...

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          Ah! Just found Salisbury on the map. Forget what I said about Ariel's. Great place, but it's a 90+ minute drive even in good weather.

      2. Cafe Provence in Brandon is decent and not far from Salisbury.

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          Oh awesome! Cafe Provence is catering the wedding I'm here for. Definitely willing to drive to Burlington. Took us 2 hrs to get from BVT to Salisbury with the roads today. Headed to Stowe for skiing possibly in the next couple days. Ready for a great meal for New Years! Keep the comments coming!

        2. Got to Salisbury today! We're very free till Saturday, so if we gotta drive to Burlington for a good meal we're ready for it :) Possibly headed to Stowe for snowboarding. Any ideas for that? Keep the comments on great food in this area coming! THANKS!!!!

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            If you are willing to drive for good food, then I strongly recommend Starry Night Cafe in Ferrisburgh.

          2. There is a new place just south of Vergennes on Route 7 in New Haven called Tourterelles. My sister has been there and says it is excellant. Its a half hour or so from Salisbury. I'd also second the Cafe Provence recommendation. My wife had a apple\gargonzola\butternut squash ravioli there last night she said was aweseome.


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              I ate at Tourterelles about 1 month ago. Starry Night is way better.

            2. I have to respectfully disagree about Tourterelle. I found the food inventive and engaging, the service warm and professional, and the atmosphere elegant but not stuffy. I've consistently found Starry Night to be the kind of place that doesn't live up to its hype...seems to try to hard with fancy combinations that don't always work, and I've never felt a warm or friendly vibe there.
              You may also want to try to the Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes (upscale bistro food, warm and cozy (tad noisy), with awesome Belgian fries and garlic mashed potatoes with every entree. The same chef owns the Bobcat Grill in Bistro, another favorite. They make their own microbrews and have inventive, fresh takes on comfort food and pub grub. Marys of Baldwin Creek, between Bristol and Hinesburg, is an inn with a very good restaurant. (Stellar garlic soup.) Food used to be better, but it's still an inviting, friendly place that tries hard.
              In Burlington, I always have a good experience at the Tratorria Delia, and also like L'Amante for Italian (L'Amante feels more formal/Northern Italian, while the Trattoria is in a cozy wooden basement with a fireplace, and specializes in great Tuscan varieties of pasta and grilled meats and fishes.) For a relatively hidden place with great wine and steak (and not a whole lot else), try the Blue Cat. It's in the building just next to American Flatbread, another good place for interesting pizza and tons of beer choices (if you don't mind waits and a bit of cacophony in the cavernous space.)
              Good luck, and Happy New Year!

              Starry Night Cafe
              5467 Route Seven, Ferrisburgh, VT 05456

              Starry Night Cafe
              5467 Route 7, Ferrisburgh, VT 05456

              Black Sheep Bistro
              253 Main St, Vergennes, VT 05491

              American Flatbread
              46 Lareau Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

              1. So what did you pick? :)