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Dec 28, 2009 08:09 PM

Good and Fun Restaurants for a small group of couples

First time poster...

Looking for a fun, and reasonably priced (not too casual, but not fine-dining) restaurant for a group of 4 couples. Hopefully good food too! Any cuisine is OK, as long as it is in a "fun" part of town so we can go out after.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Age? A 22 yr old's idea of "fun" and a 55 yr old's rarely match. And you'll need reservations wherever you go. Don't expect a table for eight on a Friday or Saturday night at 7:30 if you just show up, especially in the "fun" part of town.

    1. Earth, on Yonge at Roxborough, should fit the bill. Very innovative cuisine, local ingredients, and a good feel to the place for groups. There's also a private room that looks like it could do 8-12 people, though the main space is open enough that a group would work. Same folks as Globe on Danforth. If you call ahead, they could probably figure out something communal with a suckling pig.

      1. Sorry! We are late 20's, early 30's so our idea of fun would be a simliar aged-crowd, and then go to a lounge after.

        Thanks again.

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          I would recommend going to Negroni for a casual, well priced and very yummy dinner, then heading down College St. to Little Italy to hit up any of the numerous bars in the area.

          Here's a thread where you can read more than you ever wanted to know about Negroni: