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Dec 28, 2009 07:05 PM

Stuck with 3 Tubes of Grands Biscuit dough - what to do with them?

Any ideas how I can use these up? Only so many mediocre biscuits we can eat : ) Please send me your ideas/recipes! Thank you!!

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  1. Monkey bread is popular in my house - cut into small pieces, roll in butter, cinnamon and sugar, and heap the balls into a cake pan. Bake, and serve by turning out of the pan - everyone just pulls pieces off to eat...

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      1. re: wineos

        I third monkey bread. My favorite! And you are supposed to use biscuit dough for it.

      2. re: jeanmarieok

        One of our family favorites, too! Although in our house we call it 'pluck-it' after it was so-named by a guest many years ago!

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          You can also do savory monkey bread with garlic, cheese, butter, and bacon.

        2. Wrap around hot dogs and make pigs in a blanket.

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              Wouldn't biscuit dough be a little too crumbly for either monkey bread or pigs in blankets? I'd go with dumplings.

              1. re: MandalayVA

                The canned (cardboard tubed) grands dough isn't very crumbly.

                1. re: hannaone

                  And you only need a little piece of the dough to wrap around the little hot dog.

            1. Top stewed chicken to make dumplings; roll them out and add stuffings then fold for empanadas or pizza pockets; here's a great one...pat the biscuits down into large muffin cups, top with some cooked sausage, bacon or ham (or none, if you want to skip), add some hash browns and make a well in the middle...crack an egg in the center and top with shredded cheese. Bake for about 20 minutes or until egg is cooked to order..breakfast to go

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                i do a similar strata if stuck with biscuit dough... cut all the biscuits in half, and layer half of the halves in a baking pan, then top with a layer of bacon or crumbled pancetta, then a layer of mushrooms sauteed with caramelized onions, then spinach if desired, and a gentle sprinkling of grated Jarlsberg or gruyere; add the other half of the biscuits. beat milk with eggs and pour over the strata. top with sliced tomatoes bake at 350 til golden, but pull out before done to sprinkle the top with more cheese and finish til cheese is golden.

                1. Flatten and fill with any of the following :
                  sweet red bean paste
                  seasoned partially cooked minced beef, pork, chicken, turkey, bison, etc (season with chopped garlic, soy sauce, minced green onion, black or white pepper)
                  brown sugar, cinnamon, chopped fruit - pineapple, sweet apple, asian pear, etc
                  Cheese & peppers - Cheddar, jack, pepper jack, mozzarella, swiss, (your personal favorite or combination) with diced or sliced jalapeno/chili pepper

                  Steam, fry, or bake

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                    Canned biscuit dough or canned crescent rolls make a pretty good top for chicken pot pie.