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Stuck with 3 Tubes of Grands Biscuit dough - what to do with them?

Any ideas how I can use these up? Only so many mediocre biscuits we can eat : ) Please send me your ideas/recipes! Thank you!!

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  1. Monkey bread is popular in my house - cut into small pieces, roll in butter, cinnamon and sugar, and heap the balls into a cake pan. Bake, and serve by turning out of the pan - everyone just pulls pieces off to eat...

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        I third monkey bread. My favorite! And you are supposed to use biscuit dough for it.

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        One of our family favorites, too! Although in our house we call it 'pluck-it' after it was so-named by a guest many years ago!

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          You can also do savory monkey bread with garlic, cheese, butter, and bacon.

        2. Wrap around hot dogs and make pigs in a blanket.

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              Wouldn't biscuit dough be a little too crumbly for either monkey bread or pigs in blankets? I'd go with dumplings.

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                The canned (cardboard tubed) grands dough isn't very crumbly.

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                  And you only need a little piece of the dough to wrap around the little hot dog.

            1. Top stewed chicken to make dumplings; roll them out and add stuffings then fold for empanadas or pizza pockets; here's a great one...pat the biscuits down into large muffin cups, top with some cooked sausage, bacon or ham (or none, if you want to skip), add some hash browns and make a well in the middle...crack an egg in the center and top with shredded cheese. Bake for about 20 minutes or until egg is cooked to order..breakfast to go

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                i do a similar strata if stuck with biscuit dough... cut all the biscuits in half, and layer half of the halves in a baking pan, then top with a layer of bacon or crumbled pancetta, then a layer of mushrooms sauteed with caramelized onions, then spinach if desired, and a gentle sprinkling of grated Jarlsberg or gruyere; add the other half of the biscuits. beat milk with eggs and pour over the strata. top with sliced tomatoes bake at 350 til golden, but pull out before done to sprinkle the top with more cheese and finish til cheese is golden.

                1. Flatten and fill with any of the following :
                  sweet red bean paste
                  seasoned partially cooked minced beef, pork, chicken, turkey, bison, etc (season with chopped garlic, soy sauce, minced green onion, black or white pepper)
                  brown sugar, cinnamon, chopped fruit - pineapple, sweet apple, asian pear, etc
                  Cheese & peppers - Cheddar, jack, pepper jack, mozzarella, swiss, (your personal favorite or combination) with diced or sliced jalapeno/chili pepper

                  Steam, fry, or bake

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                    Canned biscuit dough or canned crescent rolls make a pretty good top for chicken pot pie.

                  2. Quarter and deep fry....drain... shake on powdered sugar for Faux Beignets....


                    1. Flatten and fill with leftovers that make sense together (For thanksgiving, we filled with turkey and stuffing!) Close the little guys up and shape into something that resembles a small hockey puck. Bake little lower and slower than package says to allow insides to heat.

                      1. Use as topping for Ina Garten's chicken stew. This stew is absolutely delicious and I have often brought it to sick friend's when they need extra calories. Grands are rather salty, so I might be careful about the amount of salt you add to the stew.


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                          Great suggestions - thanks so much everyone!

                        2. Homemade McDonald's egg biscuit with cheese. Veggie sausage patty is nice on it too (or, I imagine, the real thing). They also work well with a crustless pot pie. Make a cream of mushroom, pea/carrot/garlic sauce (if you eat meat, chicken would be good too) and ladle over the biscuits.

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                            My DS loves that rendition of the McD's egg biscuit. Also loves it with sausage.

                            A friend uses the canned dough to make Indian fry bread. Pretty delicious!

                          2. As a Pillsbury Bake-Off finalist (Candied Bacon and Apple Canapes in the app category), I think I'm almost duty bound to point you to Pillsbury.com for ideas ;P)

                            A quick search shows they've got something like 300+ ideas as to how you can use those biscuits - something in there might well strike your fancy.

                            And I totally feel your pain around having lots of product and not knowing what to do with it. While I was testing recipes, I was buying product left right and center and I'm still left with quantities of Jif Peanut Butter, Smuckers Jam and I'm pretty sure there's probably at least one Pillsbury pie crust that went AWOL somewhere in the depths of my fridge. To make matters worse, we're a family of 2 without kids so using the leftovers is a low process LOL.


                            1. Make chicken and dumplings.
                              Here's a recipe (there are a million versions on the internet)

                              I had this at someone's house once. Out of this world. Who knew?

                              1. Split each Grand biscuit into 2 or 3 layers and either
                                1) lay it out on a cookie sheet and spread each portion with some kind of dip that you normally bake (I like crab dip) and bake it
                                2) tuck each layer into a muffin cup and fill with some cooked seasoned ground beef and bake

                                1. Bake them, refrigerate for a day, then dry in a low oven. Grind into very rich breadcrumbs. Store in the freezer.

                                  This is the kind of fatty white bread I like for almond/garlic/oil/breadcrumb gazpacho. It's already rich, so why not shoot the moon? It also makes very nice pasta topping after a light toasting.

                                  1. I just saw a recipe using these biscuits for mini pulled pork sandwiches - a small piece of biscuit in the bottom of a muffin tin, a dollop of prepared pulled pork on top, then another piece of biscuit on top.


                                    1. Make Bierocks - there are lots of recipes online. They call for bread dough, but I've had this recipe for years:
                                      Brown 1 lb ground beef, saute with a chopped onion, a small head shredded cabbage, 2 T Worchestershire sauce, salt, pepper.
                                      Flatten the biscuits, spoon on some filling, add a slice of cheddar, fold up and crimp closed. Bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees, till lightly browned and crispy.
                                      Serve with a mixture of half ketchup, half yellow mustard for a dip. You can use something fancier if you like, but this is the traditional way to serve them in the small town I'm from.

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                                        I haven't heard of Bierocks since I was in North Dakota. Love em!

                                      2. Roast Pork Buns

                                        I preface this with the disclaimer that I have eaten Grands biscuits and they're not ideal for making pork buns. They're not yeasty and tend to be rather salty (I like a salty biscuit, though). The texture of Grands is just perfect for the roast pork, however.

                                        Go to an Asian market and buy a half a pound of the red-colored barbecue pork. Or, you can get the "boneless spare rib" appetizer at a Chinese restaurant. Mince some onions, saute in oil, add the pork and then add chicken stock to cover the pork. Simmer a long, long time, adding stock as needed (at some point insinuate a half a cup of white wine into the mix) until you can pull the pork apart with only a little difficulty using two forks. As it gets tender, allow it to soak up the remaining liquid. The onions should've melted away. When finished you should have a very moist batch of braised pork. Chop the pork coarsely and heat through with 2 Tbs. of ketchup.

                                        Stuff the Grands biscuits with the pork mixture, sealing it in well. You can make a wash with a beaten egg so the tops brown well and shine. Bake until the biscuit dough's done, about 12-15 minutes or so.

                                        Serve with Chinese mustard (mix Colman's dry mustard with a water/vinegar mix until it forms a thick sauce).

                                        1. I'd take a few for breakfast, cut some cream cheese cubes, and about 1 T and a half of different jams, like apricot and blackberry, and put it in the center, wrap, and bake it. Makes a great breakfast treat!

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                                            Fried apple pies. You know like those awful ones in the packages, but good.

                                            Dice and saute some apples with butter, cinnamon and sugar.
                                            Roll out a biscuit into a larger disc, spread apples on one half, and seal into a half circle.
                                            Deep fry, turning once.
                                            Drain and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

                                            Delicious and lethal.

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                                              They can be oven baked "fried"pies, too. Brush with a bit of melted butter or butter/oil mixture. Very little. And bake.

                                              I prefer my fried pie fillings to be made from rehydrated fried fruit. Yum.

                                          2. I am working on a recipe right now as I type. "Mad Hungry's" Lucinda Scala Quinn says that her best recipes came from experimenting. Well I am experimenting with a pork roast and canned biscuits. I don't know how it is going to come out. My husband hates it when I use him as a gourmet guinea pig. Well here's my recipe and I hope it works cause if not, I am in trouble.

                                            I took a small pork tenderloin roast and wrapped it first in turkey bacon and then I flattened out a can of biscuits and wrapped the bacon wrapped roast in it. Right now I have it covered and baking in a 350 degree oven for about 30 - 45 mins. and I am going to uncover it and bake it for another 30 - 45 mins. to brown the biscuit crust. Like I said, I have never done this before and I hope it comes out good. I guess I will let you know if it does. But I guess all you can do is experiment. Anyway, good luck.

                                            1. I have the exact same problem! Got them cheap and see them even cheaper this week on sale.

                                              My sister hooked a link with squishing one (or maybe half of one?) into a five inch muffin cup, then mixing chicken/turkey, frozen mixed veg and cream of something soup, putting that in there and topping with more of the bisquit. Then baking like mini individual pot pies. If I don't get rid of these last one or two, I might get desperate enough to try it!

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                                                They make decent steamed buns. A woman at our local asian market told me about it, she uses them for a cheat.

                                                Roll out the each biscuit into thinner circles, add a generous mound of whatever filling you want (pork, sweet bean paste, etc) and shape. Layer a bamboo steamer with lettuce leaves to keep the buns from sticking. Steam until the dough is firm and set. They really were pretty good!

                                              2. Make beef stew, put it in a baking dish, flatten the biscuits with your hand, and use them to make a top crust for a beef pie. (If you do this ahead and the stew is cold or left over, heat it first as the time the biscuits will take in the oven will not be long enough to heat a casserole of cold stew. And as I read this post over I am feeling the need to reassure as canned biscuits on leftover stew sounds like dogfood, but nonsummativity applies here as the sum is greater than the total of its parts---with lots of gravy, canned is fine, this is better than it sounds, especially on a cold night.

                                                1. They taste pretty okay on a pot pie.

                                                  1. i know this thread started four and some years ago, but…
                                                    if you combine a couple together and bake them off, then slice off the top, you can fill them with soup… chowder or whatever your fancy.

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                                                      Great idea.Will have to try this.

                                                    2. Do you have a holiday party coming up? I read about a woman making bite-size cocktail biscuits out of Grands---flatten them slightly and cut 3 tiny round biscuits out of each one. Freeze them, and when you want to use them, half-slice them through and put a sliver of baked ham in each one, maybe a bit of mustard.

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