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Dec 28, 2009 06:58 PM

Is there such a thing as ham gravy?

Christmas dinner at my mothers, we had the usual feast of ham, mashed white potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. etc. my BIL wanted to know if she'd made gravy. he tells my sister "next year we bring a jar of gravy, hahaha."

We have never had gravy with ham...

Do they sell ham gravy?

Have you made ham gravy?


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  1. Sure, just do a search for "red eye gravy". Most of the time it is made with ham drippings and coffee, but some use ham drippings and water or ham drippings and wine. Really easy to make and there is nothing better with biscuits...

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      I didn't even think of red-eye gravy. Thanks for all the replies! :)

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        I associate Red-Eye with Country (dry cured) Ham...not regular ham...Although a flavorful gravy can be made with regular ham drippings....


        1. re: Uncle Bob

          And I associate ham with the country,dry cured, salty stuff- not the other!

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            Oops, Sorry...I didn't realize the OP had ham...not the other!

      2. We make ham gravy with the drippings from a roast ham. Not the ham with pineapple and sweet glaze, that is gross. But a plain baked ham makes terrific (if a tad salty) gravy. You make it just like gravy for roast beef, chicken, or turkey. Nothing different at all.

        1. Heinz has pork gravy in jars, and they sell ham base that you could make into a gravy, although I just keep it around for soups. I usually serve ham with mustard and/or a spicy cranberry sauce, and never had anyone ask for gravy. I do always wonder about gravy when serving though, just habit from every other roast that does leave drippings. Not much to work with when cooking ham.

          1. I send the making of the gravy with ham base..I start out with making a roux, stirring until the color just begins to turn golden then add the base with liquid (you can add broth, wine and or the ham drippings that have been refrigerated & de-fatted) and let it simmer until thickened. I was going to mention red eye gravy but because it's not thickened, it technically is a sauce and not a gravy.

            1. I once made a Tasso Ham/Red Eye Gravy for shrimp & grits... It was a big hit.
              I've never eaten a honey baked/spiral cut type ham with any type of gravy. I really have to be talked into ham-it's not a favorite...