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Jan Anniversary Trip - any suggestions for improvement

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I have been to NOLA before (Mardi Gras '99), DH has not. This time I want to be sure and do it right. Heres our rough plans, please lend me your insight!

Arrive NOLA around noon, get car, self guided tour some Katrina areas, where should we have lunch?
Destrehan and Oak Alley on the way to Baton Rouge (staying 1 night there)
thought about Jubans or the restaurant at the Myrtles for dinner but my DH hates scary. :) Thoughts?

Nottoway on way back to NOLA
Lunch at Le Parvenu - Kenner
return rental car
tool around the French Quarter
oysters on the half shell at Acme in the afternoon
tool around some more, Canal Street Ferry ride
Dinner at NOLA

Cafe du Monde for breakfast
streetcar to Garden District
Lunch at Commander's
more Garden District
Dinner at Stella!

free time
Lunch at Bayona
head home :(

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    1. No NOLA, and No Acme.

      Instead: Emeril's or Mr. B's and Felix's (across the street from Acme) or Luke's Oysters.

      1. Happy anniversary!! I'm guessing you'll be around the 9th Ward on your 1st day? Might want to take in barbecue at The Joint in Bywater (just outside 9th Ward)

        Also I'd find a way to fit in a meal at one of John Besh's restaurants - take your pick, they're all fantastic. (I'd go to Luke at dinner or American Sector at lunch)

        Have a great time!

        1. Ok, made some adjustments after looking at logistics. :) We are staying at the Marriott at 555 Canal and will not have a car there.

          Sat - lunch at Voodoo BBQ on way out from airport
          Oak Alley, Nottoway
          Dinner at Juban's

          Sun - swamp tour
          Lunch at Acme's or Felix's - keep getting mixed messages on which is better OR get oysters on the half at one and then head to Mr Bs for the rest of lunch
          hit Arnaud's Mardi Gras Museum and some of the major French quarter bit -NO Collection, Presbytere, Cabildo, etc
          Dinner at NOLA's - mixed messages on this too

          Mon - AM Garden District - any recs for breakfast?
          Cemetery tour
          Lunch at Commander's Palace
          Grayline Katrina tour? - had trouble finding one to fit our schedule, this one works at 1pm but is 3 hrs! Anyone have any suggestions?
          Canal Ferry Ride
          Drago's for char oysters and dinner

          breakfast at Cafe du Monde
          US Mint, Blaine Kerns? whatever we missed...
          lunch - ? crawfish at Yo Mama's?

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            Ignatius Eatery for brekkie

            Ignatius Eatery
            4200 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

          2. Are crawfish even really in season yet? I know March/April is peak but would Yo Mama's or anywhere else in the quarter be boiling them by the pound in the next week?
            Thanks all!

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              Probably, they have been selling boiled crawfish around town for about a month or maybe more.

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                They are definitely in season, but I haven't seen or head of Yo Mama's doing their boils yet. However, do call them and check because I could easily be wrong or they could start any time. You will also see places with plates of like 12 crawfish sold for exorbitant prices. Avoid these places.

              2. I apologize in advance for my Chowhound ignorance, I am still getting to know the site! I realize now there is a lot more information I should have provided!

                My husband loves oysters, prefers on the half (note Acmes and Drago's) and loves spicy food, we met working at a cajun seafood restaurant - he worked there because he wanted free food, I worked there because I figured since I didnt like spicy food I wouldnt gain 20 lbs working there (I was wrong!). He doesnt want to pack/deal with dressing up so some of the obvious choices for dinner (Galatoires, Antoine's, etc are out).

                Since we have yet to find good cajun food in Kansas City and few acceptable southern choices we are ready to eat our fill so we are ruling out Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc and looking for Cajun, Creole, Seafood, Southern locales.

                I am preggo and this baby is a picky eater so that rules out a lot for me right now - the obvious are clams, oysters, mussels, soft cheeses, red meat, etc. She (baby #3) LOVES southern comfort food, almost everything I eat right now is starch (think bread, potatoes, grits, etc) and hates anything even remotely spicy. I would consider selling this baby for a properly executed risotto right now! :)
                I love seafood, particularly shrimp and like crawfish tails fried or sauteed. Not a huge fan of traditional French cuisine (pretty much ruled out right now anyway because of the soft cheese nix).

                So, I am looking for the quintessential diamonds in the rough! Seeing a lot of mixed reviews on some of my choices so here is what I am hoping to find:

                Better eats - Latil's at Houmas House or Juban's in Baton Rouge?
                Acme's - best oysters on the half in the FQ? Eat lunch there or just get oysters and then eat lunch somewhere nearby? If so, where? Mr Bs?
                NOLA dinner replacement in the French Quarter for Sun night?
                Light breakfast in the CBD or Garden District for Mon AM? - remember CP for lunch that day...
                Lunch where in the FQ Tues before we leave?

                Will be grabbing muffalettas at CG for the plane but would grab those after lunch on the way to the airport...

                Lastly, does anywhere do anything particularly special for anniversaries? It will be a LONG time before we can swing another trip anywhere so would like to make this as memorable as possible!

                Thanks so much chowhounds! Will definitely post detailed reviews post trip in a couple weeks if you can point us in the right direction!