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Dec 28, 2009 06:08 PM

tim tams at Publix

for all you Tim Tam lovers, they have them at my Publix in Jacksonville Beach Fl- perhaps at others as well. do the Tim Tam slam!

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  1. Yup. You must be talking about the Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams. Last year they were only available thru Target stores. Also you might want to check if there are any Cost Plus World Markets close to you, they sometimes have the Original Arnott Tim Tams, but here they're called chocolate covered biscuits.

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    1. re: Auger

      I haven't seen them there yet. But you can get them at Target. :)

    2. What's a Tim Tam? How do they taste? Thanks!

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        A Tim Tam is a Australian chocolate covered cookie. A bit like a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie, but without the mint flavoring. Also it's a rectangular shape. A Tim Tam slam is a process where you take a nibble out of a corner of a cookie then take a nibble out of the diagonally opposite corner \ or / . Then you drink a hot drink out of the cookie, so your using the cookie as a straw. Now here's the trick. As you drink out of the cookie, the cookie is melting from the inside out, so just before it collapses apart you have to put the cookie into your mouth and eat it. Too soon and you have too much cookie, too late and the cookie falls apart and falls into your drink.

      2. I can't seem to find it at Publix or Target this year although they used to carry it in the past. Any idea where else to obtain some? My stash is running low!

        1. I saw Tim Tams at SweetBay just before Christmas.

          You can do the same "straw" trick with a Cadbury Finger, by the way -- Finger are slender little bars coated in chocolate, but they work the same way.

          Pepperidge Farms has some sort of a partnership with Arnott's (no idea what type) -- the Pepperidge Farms clearance center used to stock cases and cases of Arnott's biscuits, so I'm guessing that even if the label says Arnott's, they might be the same creature.