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Dec 28, 2009 06:06 PM

STEAKHOUSE for BF's birthday! Please help!!

For his birthday I wanted to take him to a steak house similar to Strip House. We both loved the ambiance, the steaks, oysters and the chocolate cake. Could NOT get a reservation at Peter Lugers, tried BLT Prime recently and did not like it...

I also liked Dylan Prime - though he has never been there, so that is a maybe on the list.
I have a reservation at Quality Meats right now, just wondering if there might be something better that I can try...

Not too much into the traditional steakhouses for this occasion..

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  1. I totally understand the dilemma. I have also been to Strip House and to Dylan Prime which was great (you should go there.....great ambiance). As far as others with a similar atmosphere, I have been to Prime House on Park Ave. which was nice, and I have heard the Post House is a good choice as well.

    1. I am not a fan of Dylan Prime, if you like the ambience of Strip House keep your rez at Quality Meats. I would vote against Prime House on Park as well

      1. I would try Keen's even though it is traditional it is an excellent place.

        1. I would have to go with Robert's Restaurant, located inside of Scores NY, on the west side....Before you jump, they actually have some of the best steaks in NYC and they have a chef there as well....even the burger is amazing (dry aged).

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            wow i never looked at Robert's until now... that might be an option, since it is his birthday and maybe get him a lapdance after!

            I've taken an ex to Dylan Prime for a bday before so I'm not sure if it's taboo to take a current bf to the same spot for yet another bday.. I do want to go back there eventually so maybe on another occasion. And Keen's too, I'm looking to try that soon as well - just wanted something more special for a bday.

            How does Quality Meats/ Prime House rate against BLT Prime? I had such high hopes for BLT but it was just mediocre when I went.

            1. re: diorama

              Right off the bat, Quality Meats is much better than Prime House. Prime House is wayyy down on the steakhouse list for top steakhouses in the city. It is not even in the top 10.

              I agree with the others that Keens is the best of the steakhouses you are considering. However, it seems you do not want to go the "traditional" route. Unlike you, I like BLT Prime and have always had a good experience there. Never been to Dylan Prime so I cannot comment. Went to Porterhouse once and it disappointed.

          2. What about Porterhouse at Columbus Circle, it's not traditional.