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Dec 28, 2009 05:23 PM

Where to buy tajarin pasta (I'm in HMB...)

I love tajarin pasta - looking for a place to buy some fresh (or really good dry). I don't mind driving a bit, but have looked around HMB and can't find any. I know I could make some, but... not really the homemade pasta type! Thanks.

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  1. Tajarin is the Piemontese version of tagliatelle. Other than Perbacco restaurant in SF, I am not sure anyone in the Bay Area makes fresh pasta in the "eggy" style of the Piemonte region.

    You could call Pasta Moon restaurant in HMB and ask if they will sell you some of their house-made pasta. There is an Italian deli in San Mateo that makes its own pasta. Sorry, but I don't know the name. It has been mentioned here in the past.

    Worst case, most supermarkets do carry at least one brand of commercially made fresh pasta these days.

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    1. Eduardo's tagliarini are pretty good. Per their Web site:

      Dean & Deluca
      Molly Stones
      Whole Foods (12 Stores)