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Dec 28, 2009 04:50 PM

Fresh produce on Hilton Head

My sister recently moved To Bluffton/Hilton Head SC and loves the fresh C-Food but laments the quality of fresh produce. I told her that the Chowhound Community would save her, HELP. Where can a girl find fresh lettuce in the lowcountry?

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  1. I visit family a few x/year in HH. I like to buy fish at Benny Hudson's Seafeafood at 175 Sqiire Pope Rd. a few hundred yards South on SPR is a small farm and stand. I don't know what if anything is growing there now; but worth checking out.

    The best produce I've found in supermarkets is at the grocery store Fresh Direct..on 278.

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      9 lives: Thanks! I posted this months ago and since i didn't get a response in the first couple of days I thought I was forsaken by Chowhoundnation until I pulled it up tonight. I'll pass this along to my sis. Cats Rule Dogs drool!