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Dec 28, 2009 04:44 PM

Food processor 101? Or how to avoid gluey hash browns

Yay for Xmas! I finally have a nice food proccsor. Then I tried to use it to shred boiled potatoes for hash browns and of course the potatoes got really gluey. What did I do wrong? Any other basic dos & don'ts of the food processor world?

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  1. I stopped boiling my potatoes going into hash browns for the same reason. I shred raw potatoes and they come out great for my hash browns. /shrug

    1. sounds like an easy fix. after shredding, place the potatoes in a colander to wash the starch off them. then squeeze very dry and start the cooking.

      1. Agreed. Don't cook them first. Just shred them raw and drain the water out of them before pan frying. If you have cheesecloth, lay it in the colander before adding the potatoes. Use it to lift and squeeze the potatoes. Paper towels can also be used, but not as effectively. Work quickly because you have to be careful about letting them sit out. Otherwise they will turn brown/oxidize. You can also mix in shredded/drained beets or carrots too.