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Dec 28, 2009 04:39 PM

Need inexpensive recs in Newport for THIS WEEKEND! New Year's

Hi All,

My boyfriend is a sober, non-foodie, (I'm the exact reverse) so despite my desires to the contrary, I'm ISO pub-ish, cozy spots, with good burgers, pasta, etc. Not pricey and not pretentious.

I'm hoping I can cajole him into Tucker's Bistro, but it's way over his head! But, I may need a Tucker fix.

Is the pub-style place near the baseball field w/ the good chowder still good?

Help!!!!!!! Arriving on Friday morning.


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  1. pour judgement on broadway for burgers and just about anything is good, great locals place. fastnet's steak tips and curry fries are amazing and right across the street from pour judgement. salvation cafe down from tucker's always good too.

    1. Mudville Pub (near the baseball field) just re-opened after almost a year of being shut. The burgers are still really good - and I think the fries are back too... the menu seems to be the same - so I'm guessing the chowder is the same too.

      You could also try Perro Salado, a nice Mexican restaurant. Near Mudville - the back room with the fire place is great and for you they have excellent margaritas. The sticky ribs are really yummy.

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      1. re: harryharry

        Thank you both. This is exactly the type of info I needed! Great.

        Any good breakfast recs.? When I was there this summer I saw a little, tiny Greek (maybe?) place on I think Spring St.? The road that runs parallel to Bellevue, up behind town, as you approached Broadway. I know about the place on Bellevue near the Tennis HoF, a woman's name, I believe.

        Sorry that my OP makes me sound like an alcoholic, over-eater, upon re-reading it!!! :))

        1. re: JGS

          Try Atlantic Grill in MIddletown for Breakfast/Brunch.
          The only breakfast place on Spring is Franklin Spa, also good!

          And actually I was feeling sorry for your bf... not being a foodie! Life would be pretty boring w/out my food obsession!

        2. re: harryharry

          Had a great weekend in Newport! Food and otherwise!

          Two excellent dinners:

          Perro Salado, great Mexican. Amazing sticky ribs, guacamole, empanadas, corn-crusted shrimp salad, etc. Great ambience, crowd & service. Loved it.

          Spark, great fusion. Had excellent steak tartare served on potato medallions and a delicious poached salmon salad. Again, nice vibe and very nice staff and great service. Would have loved to have tried the Shrimp Nachos from Tucker's menu, but had no room. Will be back to both the above asap!

          Muddville Pub, clam chowder was sub-par, not very "clammy" and the flavor was somewhat bland. Mostly just milky. Overcooked burger with so-so fries. Also, didn't care for the renovation, the place looks too new and is lacking the pubby atmosphere it had in its former incarnation.

          Atlantic Grille breakfast was very expensive and the eggs benedict were terrible. Bland hollandaise, with the consistency of glue, raw English muffin, overcooked egg and chewy ham. Found $33 for breakfast with a $4 side of bacon to be excessive.

          Newport is still a great town, and the dining scene is thriving. What a treat!