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Dec 28, 2009 04:21 PM

Fondue dipper suggestions (new year's eve tradition)

All through my childhood, my folks always stayed home with us (my dad traveled all year) on New Year's eve -- they started the 'fondue on new year's eve tradition' before I can remember. It was the early seventies, and we made the typical meat-in-boiling-oil fondue. My brother and I have wonderful memories about this, and he's asked me to revive the tradition this year. I cannot, however, imagine having boiling pots of oil on the dining room table with all the kids (his, mine, and his fiance's - nine of them ages 6 - 16!) I think two pots, one cheese and one chocolate will carry on the tradition without burning down the house.

Besides the bread for the cheese fondue, and apples and marshmallows for the chocolate, I would love to hear more suggestions.
Thanks! I love this board!

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  1. Fo
    r the cheese: little hot dogs
    little meatballs
    for the chocoalte: strawberries
    cubes of angel food or pound cake
    I love the idea of staying home with the kids and reviving your parents' lovely tradition.
    Just another thought....there are some fondue restaurants....maybe you could do a search and see if they have any creative ideas...

    1. For the chocolate, there's always banana chunks & orange slices; any type of cookie as well as saltines & graham crackers, pretzel rods, and potato chips

      For the cheese, there's also potato & corn chips; crispy french fries, chicken fingers or wings, tempura green beans and the usual vegetables, etc.

      1. My mom had an Xmas Eve fondue tradition -- only every year it was a new recipe that bombed in a new way (the year that my 2-year-old nephew nearly got drunk on Kirsch-laden fondue was particularly special!). We carry on the tradition as well, but with what I hope is better fondue!

        Re: dippers -- the bread is great in chocolate as well (very Spanish) and asparagus, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms for the cheese -- so many great vegetables to cut the richness of the cheese and give a great burst of flavor.

        Happy new year!

        1. Every New Year's Eve we make a cheese fondue with our daughter. Our dipper of choice - after bread, of course - is lobster. Some would say lobster and cheese do not work well together. I say, don't listen. It's amazing.

          1. A couple more I should have added (some have been mentioned before): steamed green beans and broccoli, bread sticks and french fries for the cheese. For the chocolate, we also like to dip bread, but the possibilities are endless. We too use fruit of all kinds (apples, strawberries, bananas, etc.) as well as marshmallows, pretzels sticks and potato chips. Try pringles for this. They don't fall apart as much. Or really any thick chip. Have fun with this. My daughter looks forward to our fondue every year.