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Dec 28, 2009 03:55 PM

anybody want to go in on a bulk order from Anson Mills?

if you are not already familiar with Anson Mills products, you should. they create small batch, stone ground, artisnal, heirloom grains that are delicious. many fine restaurants source from them.

i live in Austin and want more Anson Mills product ... problem is that the retail orders come in 12 oz bags or 10 lb bags... the 12oz bags go too fast, and 10 pounds is more than i can handle.

i would love between 2-5 pound of things like the grits (yellow and white, prefer the long-cooking), and their cut oats are the best i've had.

if anyone is interested in going in and bulk buying, please contact me at kzszczk (at) gmail


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  1. i received one email response for some grits.

    anyone else?

    would be perfect to have one other person...

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    1. re: charlie_b

      i got another reply interested in grits ...

      they are also interested in farro, rice, and/or polenta -- so if anyone has an interest in those things, let us know.


    2. Reviving this thread to see if there's any new interest in going in on a bulk order.

      I'm most interested in the Carolina quick grits (white), the fine ground cornmeal (white) and the oatmeal.

      My reasons for wanting to order in bulk are similar to charlie_b's. I also have limited freezer space.

      If you're interested, please email me at jimmyfurlong at