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Dec 28, 2009 02:34 PM

Pressure cooker question (manual)

I have this pressure cooker. It's a SEB. I cannot find the model number but it looks to hold about 2 gallons or a bit more. The literature it comes with is in French, and it seems to be instructions on how to attach the handles, etc., not an actual manual.

Does anybody know where a manual might be downloaded, or barring that, general instructions that would work for the cooker?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It'd take some time but you could try running what you need to translate through:
    I couldn't find anything having to do with SEB that wasn't in French


      Not downloadable and not free but figured I'd let you know anyway.

      1. On the SEB website in France, I found the following pressure cooker manual in French. I don't speak French. The manual does have a lot of drawings:

        Link to main website

        Direct Pressure Cooker PDF Manual link

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        1. re: Antilope

          Thanks a lot to all. I will see what I can figure out with that manual in French. That machine looks a lot newer, but maybe it's similar. And maybe I'll check out that book on ebay (it's a bit more than I want to spend).


            1. re: annaesm

              The google translator recommended by todao does a very reasonable job for French to English. For example, here are the precautions. Very understandable and a better job than I would have managed using my limited French.

              Take time to read all instructions and refer to
              "User Guide".
              • As with any cooking appliance, ensure close monitoring
              if you use the pot near children.
              • Do not put your pan in an oven.
              • Move your pressure cooker with maximum caution.
              Do not touch hot surfaces. Use the handles and
              button. Use gloves if necessary.
              • Do not use your pot for a purpose other than that which it is
              • Your casserole cooked under pressure. Injury by scalding can
              result from improper use. Make sure the pan
              is closed properly before putting into service.
              • Never open the pot with a vengeance. Make sure the pressure
              Domestic fallout.
              • Never use your slow cooker without a liquid, it serious deterioration.
              • Use of (the) source (s) consistent heat (s).
              • Do not fill your pot beyond 2 / 3.
              • For foods that expand during cooking such as rice,
              dehydrated vegetables or stewed, ... do not fill your
              casserole beyond half the height of the tank.
              • For meats that contain a skin surface that may
              swell under the effect of pressure (eg beef tongue ...), the prick
              meat before cooking. When cooked, if the skin of the meat presents
              a swollen appearance, wait until the highlights of the casserole.
              • In the case of pasty foods (peas, rhubarb, jams ...), the
              pan should be lightly shaken before opening to ensure that these foods
              does not squirting out.
              • Check that the valves are not blocked before each use.
              • Do not use your slow cooker for pressure frying with oil.
              • Do not intervene on the security systems beyond the instructions
              cleaning and maintenance.
              • Use only original parts SEB for your model.
              In particular, use a tank and a lid SEB.
              • The alcohol vapors are flammable. Bring to boil about
              2 minutes before putting the lid. Keep your device in
              under the revenue-based alcohol.
              • Do not use your pot to store acidic or salty foods
              before and after cooking.
              • Make sure the valve is in position before decompression
              open your casserole.
              • Never place your pot handles turned in to a * source

              1. re: Paulustrious

                Thanks again!

                I will look at those manuals when I have a chance with the translator, and probably buy the book also.

                (I love "Never open the pot with a vengeance. Make sure the pressure
                Domestic fallout." and "Do not use your pot for a purpose other than that which it is

                I definitely think that google translator is better. The one on my computer translated "super-cocotte" as "super-stinks."

                1. re: annaesm


                  I ordered the SEB book, although from a vendor who had it cheaper than the one listed in lgss's post.

                  In the meantime, using a combination of the 1st manual from Antilope's second post, google translator, and Miss Vickie's website (, I used the cooker tonight. I am now a convert to the wonders of pressure cooking! I cooked a bunch of chickpeas in 25 minutes (they were actually slightly overcooked), and in a separate batch, made a vegetable stew: first I browned garlic & ginger, added spices, and put in a bunch of hard veggies like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, parsnips, and a few softer ones like eggplant and cauliflower. Once it got up to pressure, I left it on for a mere 6 minutes, and it came out perfect.

                  All hail the SEB pressure cooker!

                  1. re: annaesm

                    I'm glad you were able to use the pressure cooker and it work out so well. We have an old 6qt Presto (that I have completely refurbished) and a Fagor 10qt.

          1. I have an SEB pressure cooker book in English. Title: 300 Recipes for SEB Pressure Cookers - A guide to good French Cooking. The book is not dated, but by the dress of the women in some of the photos it looks like it was published in the late 60's/early 70's. it has a great section on the pressure cooker itself and some fantastic recipes. I got it in a box of books at a yard sale years ago. I don't need it as I own another make pressure cooker. If you are interested...send me a note via Facebook: I'm cleaning up unused/unwanted things in my house and would be happy to send the book to a loving home. cher

              1. re: terriwilsonburke

                If you have a free downloadable SEB manual, I would love to have it. My old cooker has been sitting idle for years and now I'd like to start using it again, but have really forgotten how to use it. thank you!