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Dec 28, 2009 01:50 PM

SD...Any big plans for New Year's Eve?

I'm staying home and cooking some King Crab Legs, Lobster Bisque en croute and drinking a couple bottles of Taittinger champagne.
Anybody doing something similar or going out on the town?
Happy New Years!

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  1. I forgot to add that I did all this on the super cheap with frozen King Crab at Albertson's on sale for $7.99/2lbs...Costco lobster bisque for $12..Albertson's crescent rolls for $1.99.. and 2 free Taittinger champagne from my last birthday..
    $30.00 for a NYE's home...priceless...wooooo hooooooo!

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      I'm staying in too this year

      I'm salsa (made with cascabels and maybe dried chipotles) and honey roasting a chicken (maybe 2 depending upon how many people will be here) and serving with garlic masher and an as yet to be deteremined veg. Already have a bottle of Spanish cava in the fridge chilling.

      Leftovers will be turned into mashed potato empanadas and chicken tacos on New Years day. Along with any left over salsa and some gucamole, they'll be great for parade and bowl watching.

      1. re: DiningDiva

        this sounds divine..potato empanadas and chicken tacos with that kick ass salsa as have very lucky friends...
        'Stay Thristy My Friends'
        ; )

        1. re: Beach Chick

          Thought about Dos XX instead of champagne/sparkling wine ;-)

          Those Kahlua ads are growing on me. Love the cell phone one.

    2. Staying in sung-as-a-bug! Segruva Caviar from Costco, some pungent veined cheese, maybe imported Stilton, on crustini, bites of imported Italian cold cuts, olives, wine (of course) and Italian cookies brought back from the East Coast. New Years morning, 6am work-out at the health club!

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      1. Anyone have reports of a good meal out on NYE?

        We went to Urban Solace and had a near-perfect meal. The menu blew me away, none of the regular Urban Solace items were on the prix fixe menu for the night.

        I finally got to try the Speck from Knight Salumi during the second course where it was wrapped around apple slices, what a great combo (the apple was naturally crispy too, a bonus). My main course was a cumin spiced pork tenderloin, served at a nice pink color and was outstanding. The girl had sea bass, also cooked perfectly. Service was quite attentive even though it was packed, and the dishes came out at a proper pace (they didn't stack up, and we didn't sit without something very long once it started).
        Cheers to Urban Solace for a well executed NYE.

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        1. re: MrKrispy

          Normally, we stay in and make a great meal, but this year although I had lots of good ideas, we found ourselves at home at 5ish after a busy day capped off by a nice long walk on the beach at low, low tide. We had no reservations and not much food in the house. I was thinking about running out to Jimbo's for their marinated tri tip to throw on the grill, but then my husband remembered he had a gift cert for Pacifica (right down the street from us) from a year or so ago.

          I hate to admit it, but the reason the gift cert had gone unused for so long is that we're not big fans of the place, but when we called, they said it was first come, first served, but they could probably seat our family of 4 in the bar area and we could order off the menu and wouldn't have to do the 4-course dinner (which, I think, was $54/pp and seemed like a lot of food and too much of a commitment). Sounded good to us so off we went around 6pm. We found a nice corner table in the bar area, where my husband and I started off with delicious cocktails and our daughters had fun drinks. Some good olive bread was brought to the table, which we enjoyed.

          For dinner, I ordered the barramundi with lobster and spaetzle, one daughter ordered rack of lamb, the other ordered filet mignon, and hubby ordered the roast chicken. All of it was much better than anticipated and was quite delicious. I've always thought the food at Pacifica was fine but not outstanding, but I have to say that my barramundi was really exceptional. It was seared well on the outside, and very moist on the inside, and was served on top of a bed of yummy spaetzle and big chunks of lobster with pieces of wilted spinach. The sauce was buttery and a little lemony, and I enjoyed every last bite. Actually, I traded a few bites with my daughters, and found their lamb and steak to be excellent, too. I can't recall how the steak was exactly prepared, but it was cooked to a perfect medium rare and was very tasty. The lamb was done in a hoisin BBQ glaze, which I loved, and had some sort of slightly minty sauce/jus around it.

          So, all in all, Pacifica was an unexpected hit and a really fun night out. Afterwards, we came home and played a marathon game of Monopoly and tried to keep our eyes open until midnight. Some of us were successful, some not. Happy new year!