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Dec 28, 2009 01:39 PM

PURE Sushi North (Brief Review/warning)

I want to provide an update and brief review of Pure Sushi North. I have frequented this location since it opened and have always had good, fresh fish, albeit not the most creative or artful knife-work, but solid nonetheless.

Well, that changed dramatically Saturday night. I'm not sure if the economy and the fact they now have two locations, but the fish was sub-par on every level and I doubt if I will return. Are they now using sub-standard fish to cut costs? This was never an issue in the past.

The problem was terrible fish, not fresh, and not fit to serve! Yikes, every sushi lover's worst nightmare. The strong fishy smell permeated the entire meal. In particular, I cannot believe they would serve the whitefish, salmon roe (disgusting where each roe was not firm and had already been squished - yuck), uni, (not firm) or salmon (really fishy and tough) we had in this meal. I couldn't even eat the scallops.

In sum, I don't think we will be back. Kind of lost my taste for sushi for a while....

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  1. FYI. Pure Sushi South, on the grounds of the Scottsdale Civic Center, closed a few months back.

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    1. re: silverbear

      Wow, didn't know that. I actually had a really good meal there the only time I went. Another economy victim.

    2. Our experiences have also been very positive, so this review comes as a shock. Wonder if this is an isolated incident, or a pattern?

      By the way, the S. Scottsdale location (now defunct) was actually a separate ownership group from the N. Scottsdale location. Apparently, they licensed the name and many recipes, but that's as connected as they were.

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      1. re: ejs1492

        And the North Scottsdale location is under new ownership as well from what we saw. The Food was actually better when we went 2 weeks ago and the service was quick compared to before. We always liked Pure, but now it seems they are improved.

        1. re: seandm

          Very interesting. Let's hope then that this is an isolated incident. Tough to shake off.

      2. I understand losing one's taste for sushi after a very bad experience, but if this is a place that you have "frequented" and "always had good, fresh fish", wouldn't it be appropriate to bring your concerns to the attention of the management and give them the benefit of the doubt (perhaps a new chef, a very off night, etc), as compared to broadcasting to the world your one bad experience? It seems to me that restaurants (or any business) that have repeated success -- good product and good service -- should in some sense earn our trust and deserve better treatment when they falter just once.

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        1. re: LurkerDan

          That's a good point. However, this really isn't much of a "broadcast" and now that I've received some contructive feedback from others, I won't write it off entirely or continue to add negative comments until I go back, etc. So, in effect, I'm doing the restaurant no more harm.