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Dec 28, 2009 12:53 PM

Restaurants offering a New Year's Eve menu in Charlottesville?

Surprisingly, I'm having difficulty finding a list of restaurants in Charlottesville that will be offering a New Year's Eve menu. I've come across adverts for a few - Zocalo, Siips, L'Etoile. What else is there?

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  1. Bashir's Taverna (a Mediterranean restaurant on the Downtown Mall - good atmosphere, great food, friendly owners) has a New Year's Eve menu - I know because I just made my reservation a few days ago. On the phone they promised me a five-course meal, with entertainment including a band and a belly dancer, and watching the ball drop at the end of the evening (I suppose they're setting up a screen, because it's not the kind of restaurant that has a TV...). It's $55 per person. They also told me that I could go out on the Mall for a bit and come back for a drink at my table again around midnight, if I wanted.

    I went there for New Year's Eve last year, and although I had plans that prevented me from staying for the whole evening's entertainment, I found the food exceptional. I usually enjoy their lunches, but this dinner was of a completely different order. I recommend the lamb confit if they offer it again this year!