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Dec 28, 2009 12:34 PM

Heading Up Nort' for New Years- MSP

Cheeseguy and I are heading to McGregor MN for New Years. We're thinking of heading up Hwy 169, skirting Lake Mille Lacs, up past Aitkin. We are hoping to find some Roadfood-type local place along the way.

Any help, 'hounds? I am compleeeetely unfamiliar with this part of the state.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!!!

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  1. I don't know if they are open in the winter, but Minnestalgia Winery makes delicious fruit wines, mostly Honey Wine. We had a wonderful time wine tasting there in the summer (I'm a huge fan of fruit mead) and they are super nice. Call to see if they are open.

    1. Boy, uh...I spend quite a few weekends in Aitkin (Farm Island Lake) during the summer and I can't say there are any real gems up that way.

      I guess my favorite spot would be the Birchwood Cafe, right on the corner of 169 and 210 in Aitkin. It's on the right side, just south of the stoplight in downtown Aitkin. They only do breakfast and lunch, though, so it might not work.

      Also, the Aitkin Bakery is a good spot for bread and/or a pastries. Dirt cheap and pretty tasty.

      1. The Beanery in Aitkin ( is a good coffee shop and lunch spot (albeit not "road food"). On weekend nights they are also a wine bar. Otherwise, for more local color, check out the Fireside Inn in McGregor. Or Mark's Bar in McGregor.