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Dec 28, 2009 12:16 PM

Has Totonno's in Coney Island reopened yet?

According to a blogpost from 12/2/09 on (, Totonno's was supposed to "reopen in two weeks, and definitely by New Year." In that post, the owner of the pizzeria was quoted as saying that customers should call in advance before visiting to make sure the place has reopened.

Well, it's the end of the month, so I figured that it must have reopened by now...but when I tried calling them, I found that the number has been (temporarily?) disconnected. So much for calling in advance. No updates on their website, either.

Does anyone have the scoop on this place? Have they reopened, and if so, what are their hours? Are they still only open Wed-Sat from 3:30-8:30pm?

I don't live in the immediate area, so unfortunately, I haven't been able to stop by this place myself.

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  1. I passed by a week or two ago and it was boarded shut.. didn't look promising at all.

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    1. re: Mazaev

      That's too bad. Combined with the fact that their phone seems to be disconnected, maybe they won't be opening up for a while. I wish they'd provide an update on their website.

      1. re: freshfigs

        No great loss. There is a lot of good pizza in Bath Beach/Bensonhurst

        1. re: Tay

          I, for one, very much disagree with you on that. Totonno's made a damn good pizza and it is the 2nd oldest pizzeria in NYC if I recall correctly. It would be a loss if it were to not reopen.

          They were still actively working on it last time I passed only a couple of weeks ago. I think it is not a matter of if but really when will it reopen.

          BTW - what are you comparing it to in Bath Beach/Bensonhurst. Nothing even comes close in my mind. Heck I don't think there is a pizza place that has an oven turned up hot enough in those areas to turn out anything beyond run of the mill pizza.

          1. re: dhs

            ITA, dhs. Totonno's, specifically the one in CI, was my favorite pie in NYC. I thought they were scheduled to open months ago. Sad, if it's not happening.

            1. re: dhs

              I didn't say they don't have good pizza, but just like DiFara's, it's over hyped. Half the time it's just plain burned...You guys lovingly refer to it as 'Charred' The place is often dirty with tables left uncleaned and 'fogeddaboudt' any sort of friendly customer service. As for other options in the area. Personally, I like Casa Bellla but there have been many others mentioned on other CH threads.

      2. Good news--Totonno's no longer boarded up, as of today, so it looks like it could be very soon! BTW, I completely disagree, Totonnos and DiFara's are frickin' fantastic. Casa Bella is good, as a back-up when I want a quick slice or two, and they do have the best Tartufo around, much better than Spumoni's...but their pie is not in the same league....

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        1. re: bklynmermaid

          I'm just not a big fan of half burnt, swimming in oil, overpriced, pizza.

          1. re: Tay

            Yeah, I hate pizza like that. That is why I love Difara, the opposite of everything you describe. Usually you wait for someone else to at least mention DiFara before you take a swipe at it. Don't you ever get tired of knocking the place? As for Totonno's, you are as accurate in your opinion of Totonno's as you are DiFara. Totonno's makes an excellent pie, in a great old joint. Wecome back.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              Have you ever had Jerry make you a pie when he was alive ??? Better yet where you born in Brooklyn? It is a shame that the place burnt down . I hear it has to a lot with the buliding dept thats why they aren't open as of yet . DiFara 's and Totonno's are worlds apart .

              1. re: FAL

                Maybe its me but you make no sense. I was born in Queens so I guess my opinion doesn't count. For anyone else not born in Crooklyn, Totonno's makes excellent pizza. By the way, if Jerrry was the old guy that ran the place forever, years ago, he was a jerk. He could not have been more rude and disrespectful to his customers with his game of wait on the sidewalk and even though I will run out of dough before you get inside I don't care and I'm not not going to tell you. Charming. I only ate there because the pizza was excellent and it was part of a great day at Coney Island.

              2. re: stuartlafonda

                At least I'm swiping at the food and not the Poster. :-)
                I stand by my posting:
                Overpriced, overhyped, half burnt and I'll original comment : Not always, but often swimming in oil.
                As for Totonno's being, 'A great old joint.'???? Are you serious?
                I'll have to assume their 'excellent' pizza has made you blind.
                Bottom line:
                If you love it like that, by all means, continue to enjoy it that way.

                1. re: Tay

                  .... but why must you always bring up Difara just to knock it down? This thread is about TOTONNO'S. Yes it was a great old joint, seemingly unchanged in a million years. From the great old high back wooden booths to the pizza oven just over your shoulder. Classic old time storefront exterior. How many places can we name that are original, barely unchanged and timeless. If you could not feel the history that was your loss, manyof us did.

                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                    Yes... You're correct about this being a Totonno's thread. Mea Culpa.
                    I think I just referenced DiFara's as another example of,a 'Legendary' -pizza-so-they-can-treat-the-public-any way-they-choose, establishment.
                    It just annoys me that Totonno's doesn't even bother to let their loyal customers know the restaurant's opening date status simply b/c they know they don't have to so they don't care. Not unlike the running out of dough, game you mentioned in an earlier posting. They know no matter how poorly treated, the devoted will come. For 2 yrs I worked 3 blocks away and after 2 visits just refused to be treated so poorly.
                    To me no food is that good. For many of you, the pizza excuses anything else
                    As for the actual building/ establishment. being 'Classic'?
                    New Corner, Yes ... Lento's when it was on Ovington & 3rd, absolutely.. Totonno's? Uhhh... not so much.

                    1. re: Tay

                      I agree that the customer service at Totonno's was horrible. It is just as easy to say no with a smile then in a nasty way. I doubt it will change when they reopen but as I only go there two or three times a year I can deal with it, if it were my regular neighborhood place I would not.

                      1. re: Tay

                        I've never had a problem with the service. Looking forward to them opening up again.

                        1. re: Jeffsayyes

                          You have to realize - there is no replacing pizza houses or any old world restaurant that still operates such as Totonno's. Sure the wait staff may not be up to today's standards at times. Paper plates and paper towels may be too low key.

                          But when you walk into a place that is the 2nd pizza house in NYC, you are also buying old atmosphere! Tin ceilings, the smell of fresh pies constantly, old newspaper framed clipping from past happenings...

                          New places can pop up and be fabulous (as many people say Difaras is).... it is not a replacement - just different and great in its own outright.

                          That being said, I heard the wood is off the doors at Totonno's so perhaps we are close? I am a professional photographer and did a photo shoot there 1 month before it burned down so Totonno's doesnt even have these in their possession yet.

                          They did not hire me - they let me shoot for my love of this place. My family has brought me here since I was 4 years old so I have just hit the 30 year mark of going to this wodnerfully nostalgic envivornment!

                          here is the link to my photos of Totonno's - enjoy - I would love to hear what you think!



                          1. re: danmarinophoto

                            Great photos. I admire your skill with a camera. Now I am hungry for a few slices!

                            1. re: danmarinophoto

                              You did a wonderful job. They should give you free pizza for life.

                              1. re: danmarinophoto

                                Same here been going there since i was a child

                2. They will be opening within the next 2 weeks!! 100%, I was in there today!

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                  1. re: jamilee

                    that's what they said in december.

                    but, I believe it actually. looking forward to another totonnos slice.

                    1. re: Jeffsayyes

                      According to Slice they have turned on their phone again, so that can be seen as a positive sign I suppose.

                      1. re: boccalupo

                        Word now is Wed. 2/10 according to Slice. Not holding my breath.

                  2. Reopened today according to Slice.

                    1. They are open, place looks great and pizza is as good as ever.

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                      1. re: MaryC

                        Awesome, thanks for the heads-up, guys.

                        BTW, what are their days/hours of operation? Are they only open from Wednesday through Saturday or Sunday, or will they be open 6 or 7 days a week from now on? What about their hours - still closing around 8pm?

                        1. re: freshfigs

                          Not sure about the days of the week they are open, they are still closing at 8pm

                          1. re: freshfigs

                            ... or earlier. They will close when they are out of ingredients.

                          2. re: MaryC

                            Agree. And their Brooklyn 'tude has not mellowed one bit.