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Dec 28, 2009 12:05 PM

any favorites for a midsized group in lake geneva wi?

will be visiting the area in late february and will be hosting a group that could be anywhere from 12-18 people. names that have been recommended so far have been country corner, calamari and kirsch's french inn. thoughts? thank you.

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  1. Never heard of Country Corner.

    I've gone to both Cafe Calamari and Kirsch's as part of a larger group. We did a group of 12 at Cafe Calamari on a November Saturday night (dine first, with another event later). Service was very good, as is the food.(Italian). My company hosted our Christmas party at Kirsch's one year, a group of around 60. Again, very good service and food (fine dining). I haven't been there since the chef change, though. Only quibble for a group is that both of these can be pricy, particularly Kirsch's.

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      thanks for the input. i may have the names mixed up. maybe it was kirsch's country inn and the french corner. kirsch's is german cuisine and only serves on weekends i understand?

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        Kirsch's at the French Country Inn is a fine dining restaraunt (American). The confusion may lie in that people think the name of the restaurant is "The French Country Inn," but that's actually the name of the B&B that Kirsch's is adjacent to.

        Kirsch's website: French Country Inn's website:

        For German cuisine, I think you're thinking of Margot's. We've never eaten there, so I'm not sure. (No particular reason why not.


        Are you looking for any particular kind of food or price range?

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          it's always fun to experience authentic german food when visiting wisconsin but any solid rec would be appreciated. $$ doesn't matter that much but not really into sky's the limit. good food at a fair price in a relaxing atmoshpere would be the goal.

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            Mr. Shaja and I have been conferring. We're enjoying the challenge of helping you fit all three requirements :-)

            Both Cafe Calamari and Kirsch's fit the (very) good food requirement. Kirsch's is peaceful, Cafe Calamari can get noisy on a busy night (especially Saturdays). Since you're coming in late February , you will have a better chance at a relaxing evening than if you were coming in the summer. Price, though. At both places, most entrees are in the $20-$30 range. Salads, soups and appetizers will drive the per person price up.


            Good food, fair price, relaxing atmosphere.......

            Some different ideas in a lower price range:

            Houlihans in Lake Geneva (American): do not drum me out of Chowhound for suggesting a chain (okay, it's a little chain). But, the food IS very good (I love their chicken tortilla soup), prices are reasonable, and they are pro's at hosting groups. I have been there several times in groups from 8 to 20 people, and never an issue with service. It will get noisy on a Saturday night; we prefer going on a Thursday night. This particular Houlihans has divided its space very well so that you don't feel like you're taking over the restaurant with a large group.

            Moy's in Elkhorn (Chinese): This is classic Chinese, nothing fusion or trendy. I don't really like Chinese, but I love their orange chicken. Mr. Shaja likes everything there. Generous portions. Biggest group I went there with was 20 people; service was fine. Always quiet atmosphere; the bar can get smokey.

            Yo Shi in Delavan (Japanese): I have never recommended Yo Shi on Chowhound before because sometimes the air can smell like heavy cooking oil. You also might think I'm nuts because they are located in a strip mall in front of the Wal-Mart. But, and this is a big but, walk inside and you will feel whisked away in a tastefully decorated and peaceful environment. They also have surprisingly good food. Mr. Shaja loves their sushi, I like their teriyaki beef. I'm thinking this might be a fun option for you because there is a hibachi grill complete with tableside chef that would suit your group size.

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              One more.

              Moose Creek in Elkhorn (American): we have been there with a group of 10, a group of 8, and with a surprise wedding reception for 150 (long story). The front seating area is very small, so I would recommend making reservations for your group in advance. The wedding reception was in their back room, which is quite roomy but not decorated like the front area. The decor is an understated "north woods," but it's nice. The food is quite nice; dinner menu has steaks, prime rib, fish and a couple of pasta dishes. I really liked the bbq ribs last time we went. Service all times was fine.

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                thanks shaja. one more q. is there a german place called chef's corner?

                1. re: poppy

                  The Chef's Corner Bistro in Williams Bay. We've never eaten there (no particular reason why, just haven't gotten around to it.)

                  1. re: poppy

                    You are definitely missing out by not visiting Chef's Corner. Hand's down, one of the best restaurants in the area. If you love German food - this is the place for you. Run. Don't walk

                    Chef's Corner Bistro
                    2430 N Geneva, Williams Bay, WI 53191

      2. On the slightly more casual side, a new restaurant called Simple just opened up right before Christmas in LG. They specialize in food made with locally grown and raised ingredients. I've been there twice for brunch so I can't really comment on the food the rest of the day, but the food I've had there has been delicious. Not to mention the fact that the decor is *beautiful*. Extremely light and airy and colorful and perfect for a dreary WI winter day :)

        Brissago at the Grand Geneva Resort has always been one of my favorites standbys. We hosted an anniversary party there a few years ago for my parents with a group of about 20 and the service was excellent. They have smaller dining rooms off the main one specifically for private parties and larger groups and we had 2 servers that were assigned only to our group. The restaurant flies in many of their ingredients straight from Italy several times a week and their seafood dishes in particular are delicious.