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Dec 28, 2009 11:03 AM

Where to buy wild boar meat? (MSP)

Does anyone know where one could purchase wild boar meat for cooking purposes (i.e., not for in-restaurant consumption) in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area? Thanks!

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  1. Just a friendly reminder to include the city (e.g. MSP) in the topic title, since this forum covers 13 states. Thanks!

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      1. re: faith

        Thanks. I did. Somewhat to my surprise, the answer was no.


      the MN grown search doesn't show anyone in the state with wild boar. guess you have to hunt/know a hunter

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      1. re: getgot211

        so, have you tried talking to Lenny Russo of Heartland? or contacting the Traditional Foods MN people?

        1. re: faith

          If I remember correctly, my wife recently had some wild boar pasta at Broder's Pasta Bar. You may also want to call there (or the Cucina across the street) to see if they can source it for you.

      2. I took a cooking class at Cooks of Crocus Hill and the the wild boar we made came from Buffalo Gal in Southern Minnesota (and it was delicious!). I do not know if they sell in any retail outlets (since I do not know exactly how they got the meat for the class), but here is a link to their website and it lists wild boar for ordering. Maybe they also supply a retail store in MSP?

        1. It seems like this might be hard to find in any uncooked form for liability reasons and the presence of trichinosis in wild boar.

          That said, my parents have ordered it from this website in the past:

          1. If you are willing to do a CSA Cook's of Crocus Hill has a Wild Boar one available right now. Here is the link.
            I have bought a bacon and 1/4 grass feed beef CSA this year from Cooks. While their estimated arrival dates have been way off, I have been happy with the product.