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Dec 28, 2009 11:03 AM

Dining in Old Town Alex before seeing Avatar?

OK, going to see Avatar at the Hoffman Center off Eisenhower this evening with some friends, where should we go to eat?

It doesn't look like the places in the immediate vicinity of the movie theatre on Swamp Fox Road are all that great, so I'm thinking we'll have to go into Old Town.

Any suggestions for something not too deep into Old Town??


On edit: Going to Overwood....thanks anyway!!!!

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  1. I love the grilled cheese sandwiches at the Light Horse (King Street). But that may be too far into Old Town for you.

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      Thanks, Xena, totally in opposition to my request, we ended up nearly on the river at Overwood, but we thought we had lots of time. Under normal conditions, we would have been there in plenty of time, but for this event, we could only find 3 seats together in the last row, but since there are no bad rows in an IMAX theatre, it was not a problem.

      We had a friendly waiter who did all he could to get us out of there on time. We saw someone who looked like Bob Weir at a four-top table as we were leaving our booth.