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Who has the best pub food on Mamaroneck Ave (White Plains)?

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Looking for somewhere to eat before watching the ball drop in White Plains on Thursday night. Something affordable, lively and that can handle a table of eight or so. Not looking for anything fancy, and some people may just come for a drink, so I was thiking of one of the pubs, just not sure which one has the best food.

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  1. I would do Peniche but it's not a typical pub for that try Porterhouse although it's further awat from ball area I think

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      are you kidding pick anyone its all the same @ those places fried stuff and burgers

      1. re: moron66

        I agree with moron66. The food is basically all friend and not good at all. Those places push drinks not food. If you have to pick one I would say Porterhouse has the best burgers and bar food or Elements next door. A little before midnight you can walk a couple of blacks to main street and see the ball and the music.

    2. Elements is probably your best option in terms of food - a little better and different then your typical bar food. Brazen Fox probably has the best selection in terms of bar food - also pretty good. I always enjoy James Joyce's fare as well. I usually stay away from Black Bear and Lazy Boy for food. Of course, Peniche is the superior choice to all - excellent food at reasonable prices.

      1. I would go for the Porter House; they have great burgers. The only time I went to the Brazen Fox (I'll admit more than a year ago) the food was terrible. Nice place though.

        1. How about Emma's Ale House?

          1. Thanks everyone. I noticed on other posts that all of the pubs in that part of town seem to get lumped together, which is why I was asking for the best pub food, just to see if there were any that some of you may have had a good experience with.
            Made reservations at Porterhouse. Will post about it in the new year. I've been meaning to check out Peniche, but that's a little more expensive that what we're looking for, and it didn't seem it work for a group where some people may just stop my for a drink and not want a sit down meal.

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              I didn't remember to ask all of my friends what they thought of their meals, but I had the Porterhouse burger and thought it was great. I prefer my burgers well-done and they were able to do that without it getting all dried out, something I appreciate! The chicken teriyaki was annouced as very good by one of my dining companions as well. I will go back soon to try some other menu offerings, especially the shepard's pie and fish and chips.

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                If you liked Porterhouse, you'll love James Joyce. The best pub food by far.

                1. re: Po Cho

                  Thanks Po Cho! I'll have to try that one next.