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Dec 28, 2009 10:22 AM

Tom Douglas restaurant decision help needed!

Hi. So I am having a work 'meeting' over dinner for four people and was told to pick a Tom Douglas restaurant. They all look good. Lola looks the most interesting to me, just bc I like Mediterranean food -- but is it more of a breakfast/brunch place? Should I just go with either Palace Kitchen of Dahlia Lounge? What about Etta's? Serious Pie is out bc I don't want to take them for pizza (even though it looks delicious).

- good food
- atmosphere where we can hear each other speaking
- lighting semi good (not dark and romantic)
- not too casual / not too stuffy

A nudge in the right direction would be appreicated! Thanks!

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  1. I have eaten at Lola and it hits all your criteria but the "...we can hear each other speaking" its LOUD in there. Maybe they have a back room or something?

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      I think Dahlia Lounge and Etta's both fit your criteria, but I would go with Dahlia Lounge.

    2. Lola & Palace Kitchen are both extremely loud, and while I personally prefer the fare at PK,
      I would agree with Jeffo405; Dahlia would probably work best for you. Be sure to make your reservations WELL in advance.

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        I'd go with Dahlia Lounge as well. I love all of Tom Douglas' restaurants, but for a work dinner I would pick Dahlia because of the atmosphere, food choices, atmosphere and all important noise level. I've had work dinners at Palace Kitchen before and while I love it that one is definitely louder!! And I agree with hollymayb- get those reservations in early!

      2. Thanks for everyone's advice! I just made a reservation at Dahlia Lounge. i'll let you know what I think!