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Dec 28, 2009 09:20 AM

cooking classes at new school?

after being dissappointed with cooking classes at brooklyn kitchen- a stranger mentioned cooking classes at new school.. and better yet... you can volunteer and help chef prep before the classes and sit in.

anyone heard of this?

i looked on new school site and didnt see anything about this



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  1. The New School no longer offers cooking classes of any kind. They quit their program about 3 years ago.

    1. Try the Institute for Culinary Education.

      "disappointed" has only one "s"
      spell check, Patrick.

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        thank you. and sorry for my ungrammar. cell phones tend to be less convenient then they seem.

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          I second the recommendation for ICE. They have a lot of classes and different kinds of cuisines. The quality of the class you take will vary depending on the instructor and your classmates, but I have always enjoyed myself at ICE. The most recent class I took was Asian Surf and Turf, and I also signed up for the Bacon class in February (both with Dan Stone).