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Dec 28, 2009 09:06 AM

Leisurely Lunch, Leslieville

Looking to catch up with the girls this Wednesday, might want to linger a while over coffee - so I think Lady Marmalade and Bonjour Brioche are out, I want something a little less crowded with no line-ups. But good food is also important.

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  1. You might want to try Simple Cafe? It's at 1303 Queen Street East(Queen and Leslie) just past the beer store. There are nice write ups and pics on other blogs. It's probably open over the holidays? But, here's the number if you want to make sure 416.466.2345.

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      The new LePappillon on Eastern Avenue is quite lovely. It would be a perfect spot for a girls lunch - very quiet, nice atmosphere and they certainly don't rush you. Nice view of the park, and you can ask to be seated by one of the fireplaces. Highly recommend it.

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        I've been looking forward to trying out Le Papillon on the Park. Nice to hear you enjoyed it. Sounds like a good suggestion for jules too.

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          We had dinner at Le Papillon on the Park a couple of weeks ago, the same day that Joanne Kates' review appeared in the Globe. We were really pleasantly surprised. They had a very good 3 course fixed price that my friend and I had, and my husband ordered the poutine as an appetizer and the tourtiere as his main. (Joanne Kates seemed to like the French Canadian food whereas she was iffy on the rest of the menu). I shared my dessert with him. Service was excellent and the atmosphere was lovely. It's not far from where I live, and I'd definitely go back again.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions. We were looking for a full restaurant rather than a cafe, but I will check out Simple Cafe soon - seems they bake their own sweets, always a plus in my book. As for Le Papillion, it's good to know the new location is open and it sounds very cozy. But I can't get excited about the menu. Maybe I'll take my mother for nostalgic value some day.
      We ended up at Edward Levesque's. They were not full and we lingered quite a while. I enjoyed both my jerk skirt steak n' eggs and peanut butter ice cream dessert - which the server kindly topped with the salted caramel sauce from another dessert which they were out of.

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        Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal julesrules.

        For future reference my husband had the steak and eggs at Le Pappilion on the Park and claimed it to be excellent. His steak was perfectly cooked....so juicy and tender.