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Dec 28, 2009 08:30 AM

Best Pizza in Clevelend?

Any pizza recommendations for this city?

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  1. Depends - what style of pizza do you like?

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    1. re: NancyH

      New York style. Thin, borderline charred crust. Quite a bit of sauce (preferably pretty tangy), not too heavy on the cheese and toppings.

      1. re: Perilagu Khan

        As a misplaced New Yorker, I have a definite opinion on this! The only place I've found in Cleveland that makes true New York pizza is Vincezna's, which is downtown and only open for lunch during the week. Marrotta's in Cleveland Hts. is also very close. But these are not like John's of Bleeker Street - these are more like the slices you would get at any NY pizzeria.

        However, for Neapolitan style, which is thin and a bit charred, we have three excellent options: Lolita in Tremont, Bar Cento in Ohio City, and Crostatas in the Eastern suburbs.

        Bar Cento
        1948 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

        900 Literary Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113

        1. re: NancyH

          We lucked onto Crostata's today at lunchtime and were very impressed. We're also displaced New Yorkers extremely discouraged by the dreck out here (we're in Mentor). Tony Sacco's is acceptable, too. They are at the Great Lakes Mall.

          1. re: NancyH

            and since this thread was revived and as a longtime ny'er and ex-cleveland kid, i second vincenzas (avoid deweys cinci chain its bad). but really when in rome you might learn to love the local cleveland style, ie., angelos, mama santos, etc., which is thicker crust and great in its own ways. after all as they used to say ny may be the big apple, but cleveland's a plum.

        2. re: NancyH

          Although very different from each other, I really like Dewey's ( and everyone seems to love love love Geraci's. (Diners Drive-in and Dives was just there.) I join you in the quest for outstanding pizza, but must admit, I rarely meet a pizza I don't like.!

          1. re: cheesecake

            I found the sauce at Dewey's too sweet for my taste, though the crust was ok. If I'm in that neighborhood, though, I'd rather have Marotta's.

            Geraci's is an excellent example of Cleveland style pizza - but it is definitely Cleveland and not NY style - thicker dough, small "cuts" instead of foldable slices, cooked in a pan and not on the oven floor. Not what the OP is looking for.

        3. NY style is practiucally non-existant.
          Vincenza's on Prospect downtown, except it is not open at night or weekends.
          I've heard of Capri in Middleburgh Heights, but that is way beyond my radius for pizza.

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          1. re: AllesandroSprezzatura

            I used to recommend Capri, but since the owner retired, the pizza is just not as good as it used to be. It was the only NY style I've found that I liked here.

            1. I've heard decent things about a place called Nunzio's. Any of y'all chowhounds sample their fare?

              PS--Sorry about the typo in the thread title. I really do know it's ClevelAnd. ;)

              1. Valentino's on Murray Hill Rd. is thin-ish and saucy, closer to NY style than the others.