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Dec 28, 2009 08:19 AM

help!! need recs for food shop that will deliver knockout fruit platter/basket

Hi Boston Area Hounds,

I have a client in Beverly that I would like to send a fruit platter (or something similar for an office), but not sure where to order from. In Brooklyn, we have a place called Orchard ( that has gorgeous platters for under a $100. Unfortunately, it costs $60 to ship one of their platters.

Which food shop or store in the Boston area prepares high quality fruit or food platters to send to an office? If anyone would know, it would be someone on this board.

Any recommendations would be extremely appreciated.


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  1. Manhattan Fruitier offers a large selection of exquisite gift baskets. Used to use them all the time when I was sending out corporate gifts and the recipients were always thrilled with them. I was having them hand delivered in Manhattan, so I don't know what their shipping charges are. But they do ship nationwide. Worth a call if anything on their Web site looks like what you might have in mind.

    1. try Pemberton Market in Cambridge - they do great baskets of all kinds

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        our office got a fruit "bouquet" from Edible Arrangements before the holidays. The presentation is a little cheesy in my book, but the fruit was really good quality- perfectly ripe. The problem/ advantage is that it's cut and ready to eat- it can't sit around for a week, but it also doesn't have to be cut up/ prepped in a limited office kitchen.

      2. Wilson Farms in Lexington does a great job at reasonable prices, but have only picked them up there - not sure about delivery option or cost. Probably worth a call - they are always very nice on the phone as well.

        Wilson Farm
        10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

        1. Thanks everyone. I am going to call Pemberton and Wilson tomorrow. If Wilson will deliver, I am going to order one of their fruit platters (and possibly a veggie platter too). They look great. Especially for the price. I think cut fruit is great for an office. Orchard's platter is cut up and everyone goes crazy for it, including us. Somehow all of the little pieces of food seem to disappear by the end of the day. I forgot about Edible Arrangements. They are a good fall back too. I just worry about them thinking it is cheesy too. I received it and loved it, but you never know how it will be received in an office. Better to take the safe route.

          Now that I think of it, I bet a place like Dean and Deluca that does catering would prepare a fruit platter. Are there any shops like it in the Boston area that deliver? Should I stick with Wilson?

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            Most of the recs you have received are pretty far from Beverly and I can't imagine a delivery charge not costing you an arm and a leg (Wilson's has a NH location near Manchester, but even with traffic its further than Lexington). Try to get a few "North Shore" recommendations to compare at a minimum. For prepared foods nearer, you might try Neds Groceria in Gloucester or J Pace in Saugus (a larger Italian Grocer). I don't know about delivery and I have mostly seen non-cut fruit baskets, but New Deal Fruit in Revere would have access to similar produce to Wilsons and offers similar other foods, but from an Italian slant on things. Given that its not produce in New England, a combination of sweet and savory might be to your advantage (there are still figs around, melons, to have with prosciutto, cheeses, etc).

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              I was wondering about the distance. I looked at a map and it seemed to be 25 to 30 miles away. Since I don't live in the area, I just assumed these recs deliver to Boston areas as a whole. Thanks for the information. I will check these out and see what they say. I happen to love Italian food and I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with an Italian fruit/food platter. Besides, it's the thought that counts. Right?

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                I think most of the recommendations were for specialty food stores which do a good job, but most likely do not deliver too far. I think your best options out of Beverly itself would be the towns of Gloucester, Salem, maybe Peabody and Danvers (even Pace is a bit further than that). There are definitely some hounds from that area who can probably give you local ideas in the morning. I had something in the back of my mind that Ned's Groceria closed although the web site was still operating when I posted. The thread here which discusses Ned's closing mentions the Fruitful Basket in Beverly Farms which could be another option (pricey for produce, but could be good in this situation as an alternative to Edilble Arrangements).

          2. Try Henry's! They are right in Beverly and have terrific produce and specialty foods. The staff is incredibly helpful and should be able put together just what you are looking for.