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Dec 28, 2009 08:01 AM

Subway in Brooklyn has Closed

Just noticed last night, that the Kosher Subway on Avenue J in Brooklyn is out of business.

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  1. They closed about two weeks ago. Brother in law said it was way overpriced and food wasn't so good.

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    1. re: cheesecake17

      I know for a while they were charging $8 for their footlong. Here in the 5 towns the Subways had the $8 offering for a very short time. I am curious if they dropped their $8 price and that was one of the reason for their demise. The non-kosher Subways seem to be sticking to their $5 for the footlong.

      I personally found the footlong to be very filling.

      1. re: MartyB

        I think they had $8 footlongs advertised... but it was only $8 if you bought a cookie/chips and a soda. So it really came out to be much more than $8.

        Then at one point they had $5 footlongs.. but only certain sandwiches. And I think that promotion was also only with a soda and cookie/chips.

        1. re: cheesecake17

          non- kosher subway only has certain sandwiches as $5 footlongs too

          1. re: shoelace

            Yes, but they don't make you buy anything else to get the $5 price.

    2. What a shock! A restaurant that charged you kosher prices for bread, some veggies and very little meat.Another example of a treif franchise that goes kosher but could not find enough suckers to keep it going. Remember Nathans?

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      1. re: Foodtekie

        Kosher Nathans was really really bad especially of you were able to remember what treif Nathans tasted like.

      2. Quel dommage! My pregnant wife was just craving Subway. As I prepared to drive from Lakewood to Brooklyn, because I am the BEST HUSBAND EVAR, I checked the Internet.

        Yes, I know there's a kosher Subway in Queens, and another in Cedarhurst, but I don't know where either of those are.

        Baruch Hashem, a new sammich place opened up in Lakewood called the South Lake Sandwich Shop, and it's really quite good despite of (or perhaps because of) all the goofy kitchy stuff all over the walls. I had the world's greasiest Ruben sandwich, and wife got a delicious sino steak sandwich. While we were there, a customer ordered a double beef burger, which the resturaunt proceeded to *batter and deep fry* (bun and all!!!).

        I briefly considered quitting my job so I wouldn't have to leave the resturaunt ever ever ever, but got over it. Still, I highly reccomend this place for pregnant women in Lakewood NJ who crave Subway.