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Dec 28, 2009 07:59 AM

Estihana in Brooklyn

Several months ago my husband met a friend for dinner at Estihana in Manhattan. He had never been there before, and he raved about their crispy shredded beef appetizer. Last night he took me to the Brooklyn location, so I could taste this delicacy for myself. What a disappointment for the both of us. The meat was more soggy than crispy, and the flavor was nothing special.
We went on to try the egg drop soup, which was o.k. The spring rolls were initially brought out barely luke warm, and literally dripping with grease. They couldn't compare to the spring rolls from New Kosher Special, in Elizabeth, NJ, which are delicious. Admittedly, those are somewhat greasy as well, but nowhere as bad as those we had last night. The ones from Glatt Kosher Family on 18th Ave. in Brooklyn (connected with the place in Elizabeth), are our second choice.
The Orange Flavored Beef was a bummer as well. The beef tasted like it had been coated in flour (maybe cornstarch? and fried. The problem was that the flour tasted uncooked and powdery.
I know that this restaurant has been on Avenue J for a long time, and it was fairly busy when we were there, but for us, this will be our first and last visit.

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  1. We used to go to Estihana often.. stopped going there about a year ago. The food is not so tasty and greasy. Also, it's kind of expensive for what it is. I prefer other places for sit-down Asian food.

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      where would you recommend for quality asian food?

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        I like Fuji Hana in Brooklyn. Especially great for families, since they have a quality American style menu as well. I usually get a chicken burger over salad or chicken with mixed vegetables. My husband likes the 'finger lickin good chicken' or the beef teriyaki with eggplant. They offer 1/2 portions- which is enough for a big eater like my husband.

        Sushi Metsuyan also has good Asian style food- but it's much more expensive than Fuji Hana. For takeout sushi I like Moshi Moshi in Brooklyn. During the day they have 1/2 price veggie sushi rolls.