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Dec 28, 2009 07:50 AM

Traveling to Bahamas but will have access to community kitchen, what to bring

My boyfriend made plans for us to travel for my 30th birthday. Just a week away he finally revealed them to me. We are going to the Bahamas for 8 days (still won't tell me which island.) I asked him will there be cooking facilities? He said there is access to a community kitchen.

I have just graduated this past August with a M.S. in Food Science and have yet to secure a job. So I wanted to kind of ease a little of the cost since he has already dropped major $$ to get us there. Yes I want to try the food there, but 20 meals at a restaurant may be much and I know dinners will be $$$. I was thinking maybe cooking light breakfasts and a few dinners back at the 'hotel' would be appreciated.

I plan on bringing a 6" French, deboning, paring, steel, and bread knife. I also plan on bring a large cutting board.

I don't plan to cook 6-course meals there, but what should I expect in a community kitchen and should I bring any other cooking supplies from home?

Any suggestions?

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  1. leave the iron at home. deal with the stuff at your "communal kitchen". don't be surprised if your local (bahamian) grocer is as sophisticated, if not more so, than your local guy back home. concentrate on finding fresh fish and good bread. have too much fun in the process.

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      Rock out!! I can't wait to play! :D

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        Hmmm....our local grocers are not as sophisticated - sorry. What do you like? Crawfish (Lobster with no claws) is in season.....mmmmmmm - buy fresh caught ones locally, grill the tails, and then boil the heads and pick the meat. Use the boiling liquid for Lobster Bisque. Sue the meat for Lobster (and mango and avocado) salads, Lobster rolls, and lobster omelets! Mmmmmm. Depending on where you are, fresh caught fish is also an option. (If you can figure out what island you are going to, I may be able to give you more suggestions). There are some grocers with some great stuff. $$ may be higher, depending on what you like and what you're looking for.

        If you can find out where you're going, I may be able to give you some ideas! No idea, though, what a "community kitchen" would be. I suspect it will be stocked only with the basics. Still can do a lot with that though, if you can get some good fresh stuff! Find out if they have a grill (BBQ) as well. Very important for fish and crawfish!

        Have fun!!!

        Ohhh.....I just realized you may already have been........sorry! Hope you had fun!