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Dec 28, 2009 07:20 AM

New Year's Eve Tapas

We're having a few people over for New Year's and I'm working on a tapas menu. Do you all have suggestions for good tapas recipes? Anything that can be made ahead would be ideal, because I'd much rather be hanging out with our friends with a glass of wine than standing over the stove. :) Also, any suggestions for what makes a well-rounded tapas menu would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Here are some things that come to mind. Tortilla EspaƱola is wonderful served at room temperature. It's a dish made of humble ingredients (eggs, potatoes and onions) that tastes great. Jamon serrano is another idea. Queso y membrillo (quince paste with Spanish cheese like manchego). Empanadas (pick your filling, but I like atun) can be made ahead and served at room temperature and cut into small squares. Escabeche de atun (marinated tuna- this treatment can be done with other fish) can be made several days in advance and served cold or room temperature. Langostinos con mayonesa (cooked and chilled langoustines- I usually prepare shrimp since I can't find langoustines- with fresh mayonaise). White asaparagus with mayonaise. Marcona almonds. Spanish olives. Anchovy stuffed olives (purchased or make yourself). I can't wait to hear what everyone else will suggest. Enjoy your tapas event. Buen provecho!

    1. Here's a list of what I think are very good ideas:

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          tienda's site is very good. Lots of choices.

          I recetnly found piquillo peppers in jars. They are wonderful stuffed with something like goat cheese. I've stuffed them then lightly sauteed in evoo laced with garlic to warm the peppers and cheese. Serve with a drizzle of oil from the pan.

        2. The wife made pickled shrimp the other night, quite tasty,

          Patatas bravas (potatoes in hot sauce) can be made ahead and can probably be nuked with good results.
          You can pre-make a tomato broth for mussels marinera. Dinnertime, just plop the mussels into the boiling pot, cook, and spoon out.

          The spanish tortilla is a very good suggestion. When the wife makes them she'll sometimes add chopped serrano ham or spicy calabrese. Note she slices and blanches the potatoes, sweats the onion, them mixes all together with beaten eggs. Into a small teflon pan and cook low and slow.

          Along the lines of the olives, pickled skewers (banderillas) are popular, nice to look at, and you can usually find them pre-made

          Me, I like grilled whole sardines. They can be done ahead and served room temperature as well. Only thing, the vast majority of people I know detest sardines...

          Don't forget lotsa port, lotsa wine, lotsa sangria.