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Dec 28, 2009 07:17 AM

Glatt Kosher LI Wedding Halls?


I am posting here because I am having a hard time finding a wedding venue for my glatt kosher wedding.
I checked different halls such as Terrace on the park, Temple Israel (Lawrence), Temple Hillel, Temple Emanuel, Woodbury Jewish Center ... I recently found Elite Palace and Jericho Terrace, but I heard that Elite Palace has parking issues and Jericho Terrace is a wedding factory (which I really don't like) .... Leonards in Great Neck is very nice but is also a wedding factory. Crest Hollow and Woodbury Country club are the same story.
I am looking for a very classy location (something like The Crystal Plaza in Jersey) but in Long Island.
I love Oheka Castle but unfortunately is way over my budget, same for The Garden City Hotel (I looove it, but it's over the budget).

I read Carltun on the Park is cute but I dont think it has that feeling, with the crystal chandeliers, that have Garden city hotel and Oheka Castle .... Jericho Terrace is beautiful too but I didn't hear great things about them :(

Any suggestions for something similar to the Garden City Hotel and Oheka Caste but a little more affordable, for about 300/350 guests?


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  1. ate at woodbury food and service were horrible, food was really bad, service was a joke, waiters were eating food, before guests walkied into the buffet area, which looked like a flea market at aqueduct, very short dont go near this place

    1. Instead of looking for a glatt kosher wedding hall, consider a glatt kosher caterer who does off premises parties, then bring them to a site you pick. I think Garden City is the last place in the world for Jews to party kosher style, LOL. I googled up "glatt kosher caterers Great Neck" and I think Great Neck and Forest Hills popped up first, along with others. Try that. Here's the first on the list:

      Did you search these boards at all?:

      Not kosher, but I've had numerous experiences volunteering for non profit special events held at Crest Hollow, both informal and black tie. The staff and managers there really have always graciously gone out of their way to make things happen the way you need them to, to accommodate special requests and things have always run very smoothly for us in both the grand ballroom and the starlight room.

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        good post mcf on the caterers glatt kosher style, but if op is asking for glatt kosher, i don think that crest hollow which is not kosher, would be a option- your thoughts? thanks

        1. re: intrepid

          Good question, I only commented on it because it turned up in the other threads. The OP seems to be new to the boards and may not have known how to search for the information, so I did it.

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            hi mcf, im referrring to op is asking for glatt kosher, yet you refer to crest hollow not kosher at connection...thats all no biggie-enjoy

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              Crest Hollow was listed by earlier posters seeking glatt kosher halls, so they may know something I don't. When I said "not kosher" I was referring to the events I personally participated in. I hope that answers your question adequately.

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                thanks, i didnt know crest hollow has a kosher kitchen-thank you

      2. While Crest Hollow, Woodbury Country club may have a kosher kitchen, I don't think they qualify as Glatt kosher, since they are open on Saturday. We did go to a wedding at Temple Israel in Lawrence and the food was fantastic- there was even veal chops as one of the choices and it was comparable to any fine restaurant.

        1. Thanks for your replies !
          Does anybody know how far Crystal Plaza is from Long Island? A friend of mine said it can take 2 hours to get there by car .... I really love Crystal Plaza but it's so far from Long Island :(

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            long island is not specific, use mapquest and plug in info to see drive time-enjoy

          2. Sephardic Temple in Cedarhurst. We had a wedding there and it was perfect -- wonderful food, great service and it' has a lovely chapel also.