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Dec 28, 2009 07:13 AM

Las Vegas dining with kids

I am looking for suggestions for Las Vegas restaurants that are kid-tolerant if not kid-friendly. I have looked online and most suggestions seem to focus on buffets and national chains which is not something we are interested in. I noticed that Craftsteak actually has a kids menu posted online so I assume that are OK with kids. Are there other places that welcome kids even if they don't have a kids menu? We want to avoid places that are viewed as "quiet" or "serious" or "romantic" in case the presence of two young boys (5 and 10) ruins the experince for others.

Any thoughts?


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  1. I just had a terrific jazz brunch at the Country Club at Wynn; this brunch is on Sundays from 1130 to 330. They do have a children's buffet table at the brunch and it's casual and friendly, albeit not cheap. The food quality was terrific and you could easily make this your significant meal of the day.

    I would consider Bouchon a possibility; I don't consider it romantic or quiet (in fact, it's pretty rackety) and there are items on the menu that kids would like. I've dined with kids at BOA steakhouse in the forum shops and had no problems; in fact, the service was stellar. I think Okada in the Wynn would be fine for kids if the kids are okay with a sushi restaurant; the restaurant also has plenty of cooked items.

    1. San Marco at the Venetian is kid friendly. They have the street performers to help entertain them.