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Dec 28, 2009 07:06 AM

Guys ski trip to Salt Lake City

Me and my ski bum friends are heading out to Salt Lake next week for a week of skiing. We are staying in Sandy and will be skiing Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. I am looking for recommendations on Mexican, sushi, a steakhouse, and a sportsbar with decent food as we will watch the National Championship Game somewhere. Atmosphere is also important. We are renting a house in Sandy, so places closer to there are a plus but not absolutely necessary.

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  1. It's not very close to Sandy (but not too far if you have a car), but if you're looking for Mexican, you must go to the Red Iguana. I go every time I am in SLC for a ski trip. make sure to ask for the mole sampler plate, and make sure to order something beyond the typical mexican fare (ie, make sure to order something with mole!).

    I had a good thai meal near Sandy, I will see if I can figure out/remember the name. Edit: it was Mekong Thai in Midvale on State, shouldn't be too far for you. Also, Lone Star Taqueria is probably near where you'll be staying, good fast food burritos and tacos. There's a brew pub at the mouth of one of the canyons, don't remember which, I assume they have TVs so as to qualify as a sports bar.

    Since I'm not a local, hopefully one of them will chime in.

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      1. You definitely should go to Crown Burgers and have a Salt Lake City specialty --a hamburger topped with pastrami. It may sound odd, but they really taste good and, with all of that meat, may be the perfect food for a guy trip.

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          At the mouth of Big Cottonwood, on Fort Union Blvd, you'll find the Porcupine Pub. Hugely popular with a large variety of beer on tap. Stop there after one of your days skiing.
          If you keep going down Fort Union, almost to State St., you'll find the Bohemian Brewery and Grill. I love their pork and dumplings!!! The Porcupine has one TV at the bar, but I wouldn't call it a sports bar. I can't remember what's available at Bohemian.
          If you want a true sports bar, you'll have to go to Iggy's. There is one in Midvale, down around the Fort Union area and one in Sandy, by the Auto Mall and I-15. I've never been to an Iggy's, but from the ads and the various shots of it on TV when there is a big game, I think that's the kind of place you are looking for. You can find information on all these places by looking them up on the Web - all have websites.