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Dec 28, 2009 07:06 AM

Calgary: sausage making

Hello all

I looked trough the sausage recepies here and also some books.
Now I am wondering where I can find ingredients such as casings and of course the meat.
Are there butcher shops that actually deal with home sausage makers?
I've been told that there are courses offered. But where?
Thank you

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  1. I used to drive by a place on 52nd Street SE in the Foothills Industrial Park. I think they're called CTR and are on 49th or 48th Ave. They always had signs up for sausage making classes and supplies. However, I've never been inside so I can't vouch for their products and services. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about! I'd like to take some classes too.

    1. halfords has casings ,ingredients and sausage making supplies.they are at 2011 39ave ne.its sort of hard to find if your not on the ball.its a shop in the west end of the business strip mall.

      1. Go to Wholesale Sports, they have all the sausage equipment, casings, books, etc you'll ever need at a good price (minus the meat of course). If WSS is too far away, any decent hunting outdoors store will carry it too.

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          Huh. THAT is the tip of the week.
          Never would have thought.

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            I remember being surprised by quite the stock of sausage making equipment when i visited the Bass Pro Shop in cross iron mills a while back. Quite the variety of grinders and other equipment as well for pretty good price.

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            i make mine out of preground beef from any butcher with a good deal on