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Dec 28, 2009 06:58 AM

Ivy Buffet West Nyack

Went by the Palisades Mall last week and saw that the Fiesta space will soon be a new restaurant called Ivy Buffet, Continental Faire. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. My husband and I went to the Ivy Buffet this past Friday for dinner. We were very disappointed because they only have four buffet stations (two hot and two cold) and a carving station. For a place to have "buffet" in the name, they should really have a lot more buffet stations and variety. The food that they had was good but not much of a selection. Add some: roasted chicken, ham, meatloaf, baked potatoes with toppings, pasta with assorted sauces. For kids: hot dog bar, chicken fingers, french fries, pizza bagels, fish sticks, etc.

    The waitress asked us what we really thought about it and we told her that we were expecting more buffet stations and she said that a lot of customers have been saying the same thing.

    Tip for the owners, go visit a Golden Corral - now that's a BUFFET place. That's the type of variety you need to pull in the crowds from the Palisades Mall on the weekends.

    This past week was their opening week and the parking lot was empty, the only cars were probably from the workers.

    It's decorated very nice but unless they add buffet stations, I really don't see them lasting.

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      I was really hoping for something like a Golden Corral too. Are there any in the area? We go to the one in FL 1x per year when we are visiting my dad.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. My wife and I checked the "buffet" out last night 2/20/10. We were very pleased to see the parking lot packed with cars. That was about the only thing we were pleased about. The selection was poor and most of the warming trays were bare or almost bare and barely warming anything. There wasn't anybody at the carving station when I or my wife wanted a piece of the dried out turkey. I tried the "Salmon in Pink Sauce". Uneatable!. My wife tried the meatballs and spagetti. Also uneatable. The chicken soup was just like my mothers...needed some seasoning. Very bland. The salad bar part was had a decent selection, but the dressing I had (don't know what it was because there was no labels at most of the dishes) had a sour taste. Lastly in a world that has a diabetic and obesity problem, there should have been a variety of sugar free desserts. They have a long way to go if they don't want to end up like the mexican eatery that was there before them. They should start with labeling the dishes, probably help with people not wasting food if they knew what they were taking. They had what looked like taco meat, but they didn't have shells or any other thing that would go with the meat. Maybe it was mystery meat. And this was all for a ridicules price of $15.00 a person. The sodas were only $1.45, but it was very difficult to get a refill. Suffice it to say I WOULDN'T recommend this place to any friends, maybe enemies. They have a long way to go to become a staple faire in Rockland County. The only positive thing was the owner was eating the food himself (I assumed he was the owner).

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        1. re: redline613

          I had planned to go there on Saturday night, but my husband and I both had second thoughts. I hate to bring the whole family somewhere new and spend all that money and get an experience like you had. I still want to check it out on my own, but your review is really repelling me to do so. What makes me more nervous is your reference to the place that was there before. You obviously missed the Kitchen Nightmare episode that featured it.

          1. re: michele cindy

            Wasn't that Kitchen Nightmares episode about the Mexican restaurant that used to inhabit this location (same owners as the defunct Fiesta Garibaldi). Do you know if the restaurant has any realtion to the previous restaurant? I was under the impression there was another one of these restaurants in Mt. Ivy (though I can't recall where I heard that, so who knows...).

            1. re: rifkind81

              Sorry, I have no clue on either question... I'm really still planning to try this place, just got to get up the nerve to do so. With a buffet if the food isn't moving and just sitting around it's a bit uninviting. Anyone know if they have a liquor lic?

          2. re: redline613

            Thanks for an HONEST review and taking one for the team.

            1. re: frequentdiner

              No problem frequentdiner. And I did watch Gordon Ramsey and his "Kitchen Nightmares". That is why I refered to the previous mexican place. Please understand my intent was not to bash a new buffet, but to give my honest opinion as to what I thought of it and possible ways to improve the dining experience. I would love to go back and try it (even though my spouse says " You will go by yourself, not with me"). Hopefully more people will try it out and actually give their honest opinion. Please make sure you are not the owner.

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              I am usually skeptical of restaurants with a buffet. However, I wanted to try out the new restaurant Ivy Buffet in West Nyack, NY. I thought and hoped that it would be more than decent and if it was it would be nice to have something different like this in the area. Unfortuantely that isn't the case. On Saturday evening, 3/13/10 in admist of one of the worst rainstorms in decades my family and two other family of friends kept our plans to meet and dine together at the Ivy Buffet. After a quick review of the buffet we weren't overly thrilled as to what we saw. The selections were limited and nothing looked like it was even hot. In each of the trays there was very small amounts of food in them that didn't even look like they were touched. I should say there was only one other couple dining there at the time. So it wasn't like the food was eaten and just needed to be replenished. We were debating to stay but then we thought let's just give it a try. My son and his friend went up to serve themselves first and to their grossed out amazement they found a bug/spider in the plain pasta tray. Dead but very noticable. So there went 9 people out the door and over to Hogans in Orangeburg which, is always fantastic there. One other thing when I told the waitress there was some kind of bug in the food she said, "Oh that's gross." When I told the guy that appeared to be in charge (but not the owner, as he said previously) about the unwanted dead visitor he said, "Oh ok wait a minute," and walked away. There was no minute to wait we were out of there...and will not go back. This owner definitely does not know what kind of expectations the people here look for in a restaurant. When he is nailing a CLOSED sign on his front door, maybe then he'll get it. If they want to put a continental type of restaurant there they may just be successful with an IHOP. Stay away from the Ivy Buffet...And as far as a good buffet - you won't go wrong at the Hard Wok Buffet.

            3. I went to the Ivy Buffet last weekend for dinner and I was very pleased. After reading these reviews I was nervous about going, but I strongly disagree with the replys on this post. The workers there were very nice and the atmosphere was extremely friendly. The carving station was delicious, the meats were cooked to perfection. The rest of the stations all had delicious food, and the salad bar had more selections than any I have ever seen. There was a variety of desserts and all were tasty. I definitely recommend this buffet to everyone. Absolutely worth the $15!

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              1. re: sarahmorris

                I would feel more confident in trying this restaurant if ONE of the positive reviewers of this place had more than ONE review on Chowhound. Im surprised the posts stay. An IP Address check might show they come from the same place.

                1. re: frequentdiner

                  I'm trying to gear up and take one for the team, but it's like jumping into an ice cold pool and a not so hot day. Know what I mean?

                  1. re: frequentdiner

                    Also "cooked to perfection" is a menu term. I always laugh when I see it used to describe stuff at the work cafeteria.

                    BTW, I only see see one positive review - from sarahmorris. Where is the other(s)?

                    1. re: MisterBill2

                      Last night I went to Hard Wok Buffet in Bardonia...the owners of Ivy Buffet and/or SarahMorris should see what a buffet really is. Lucky we got there fairly early as the wait time became long after 6:30. I and my wife have decided that the Ivy Buffet had their chance and blew it. I found it laughable to read all the positve things said by a certain poster..."the salad bar had more selections than I have ever seen". Some people just don't get out often enough...

                      1. re: redline613

                        We are frequent diners of the hard wok too. I can't go as often as I my family does, because I tend to overdo it. I have no willpower.

                  2. re: sarahmorris

                    I do not know which Ivy Buffet you went to but it could not have been the one in West Nyack. The carving station only had pork. The salad was good, but the dressing for me was pot luck, since there weren't any labels on the selections. The food was dried out and the selections were small. The desserts were stale. It was not a good dining experience. I did like the chicken soup. I dug down to get a lot of the ingredients. The owner or manager didi not circulate to see how we were enjoying the meal. He or she must have been afraid.

                    If you just want soup and salad you will do fine here. For anything else go to a local diner.

                    1. re: jat8147

                      Agree with you...see my previous review. You nailed it on the head

                  3. Dear Michele Cindi,
                    Just started to surf the web and found this site. I had recently gone to the the Ivy Buffet in West Nyack with my wife and kids. We had a wonderful time.
                    The food was very good and the place was clean and comfortable. If your looking for a nice place to relax and have dinner for only 15 bucks its worth the trip.

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                    1. re: Locallucky

                      welcome to the internet originally moral and honest poster


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                        I'd really like to try this place, and have attempted to, but each time I do, like last night at 7:00 there are not many cars in the lot, and when we're talking about a buffet I need the place to be busy. I just don't care for food that is sitting because no one is around to eat it. I know this seems a bit silly, but that's just one of those things. I promise to give it a try on a night I drive by and it's getting some action.

                        1. re: michele cindy

                          dont bother michele. Im waiting for the next restaurant concept in the space. Ponderosa Steakhouse would be good. ;)

                          1. re: frequentdiner

                            This place really needs help. The sign outside is enough to keep folks away. It's brown, and not inviting at all. I'm suspicious of most of the "one time only posters" posting here and take their words with a huge grain of salt. Even if I haven't read this thread the place looks super uninviting from the outside. I vote for a Golden Corral! I'd be a blimp with heart disease if that came to town. They have the best fried chicken livers.