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Dec 28, 2009 06:50 AM

Nice Portsmouth Dinner on a Budget?

Three of us heading to Kittery for some New Year's Day sales shopping. We traditionally stop in Portsmouth for dinner on the way home. We usually end up at the Friendly Toast since it is inexpensive, we love the atmosphere and there is something for almost everyone. However, this year we'd like more dinner-oriented options and the menu at the Friendly toast is too breakfast-heavy. Our budget limits us to the teens for entrees. I've checked out the Green Monkey, Anneke Jans (Kittery) and a few others, but their entrees are in the 20s. Too $$$ for us. We tried the Brewery in Portsmouth once, it was OK, but we are not big beer fans. One of us is allergic to shellfish, but we eat anything else. Any ideas?

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  1. We had a nice meal at Radici shortly before Christmas. My seafood fra diavolo was decent but could have used a bit of heat, but my husband and friend really enjoyed their truffled chicken with butternut squash risotto. Service was good and the space is pleasant. It's right at the limits of your budget, though.

    1. I would suggest Warren's Lobster House. Kid's menu. The best salad bar. Not only sea food, but pastas and some Italian dishes. Special dessert mini price menu. Salad bar also comes with soup and cheese bar. A local family type of restaurant. If you like Mexican, downtown Portsmouth - Aguave Restaurant - huge portions - easy to share - Happy New Year!

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        Personally, I prefer Cafe Med to Radici. It's less expensive with more choices. And the food is quite good. And I like Warrens, but I would never get anything there except seafood. I also like Common Man for less expensive and good food.

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          Never been to Cafe Med. Good to know. We were looking for some place that served late after a concert, and Radici fit the bill. They have a full menu until 10, and then a late night menu. So many places say "5:30 until closing". Not very helpful.