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Dec 28, 2009 06:50 AM

Aux Deux Oliviers - small couscous BYOW on Rachel E.

Robert Beauchemin has a glowing review in La Presse of this small restaurant in the eastern Plateau (Rachel just east of Papineau, near the northeastern corner of Parc Lafontaine). "Enfin un bon couscous!" Has anyone been there?

The reviewer speaks of excellent couscous (the grain) with a variety of complements including lamb, vegetables, merguez and also the fish and seafood (shrimp, in this case) couscous common in Tunisia, and fresh, chopped vegetable salads.

Oddly, while I'm sure this little place is not expensive, no prices or price ranges are mentioned.

Aux Deux Oliviers
1870, rue Rachel Est 514.526.4429
(Just east of Papineau - Papineau bus north from Papineau or south from Fabre métro; Rachel bus east).

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  1. The write-up on this restaurant, in La Presse, is online now (in French):

    1. I went tonight for dinner at Aux Deux Oliviers and I am pleased to echo the review by Beauchemin. The resto has a take out counter at the entrance but there are four tables, seating a total of 12 patrons on a mezzanine. Nothing fancy but clean and airy with cloth covered tables. My SO and I started with a cracked wheat soup - beef broth, nicely flavoured with (I think) cumin. We followed this with their couscous Royal comprising root veggies in a broth on the side and a "tagine" plate served separately with the meat. There were two nicely spiced merguez sausages, a whole roasted chicken leg and a to-die-for medium sized lamb shank on a great mound of mildly flavoured couscous. One spoons the broth over the other plate along with the veggies. We both had enough left over for lunch doggie bags! At a price of $35 for two (tax In, tip out) this place is a steal. The one drawback is they do not have a licence so no alcoholic beverages to accompany the excellent food. The personable young waitress kept our water glassed topped up.

      One may order couscous plates with various combinations of fish, chicken, sausage, lamb or chicken for $12-16.

      The owner/cook previously ran the resto of the same name on de Mentana, but he decided to operate a less stressful establishment, sold up and opened 3 months ago at the Rachel location.

      Highly recommended.

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        I'm so glad to hear that - will diligently talk some friend or friends into going there (my friends are in a rut of always wanting to go to Terrasse Lafayette). Rosario, according to Beauchemin it is a byob so if you do want a bottle of wine or a beer with your meal you could just take your own, and at a saving. That is in the eastern Plateau so a bit more out of the way than their old location, but I indicated the bus directions. Rachel bus 29 runs along St-Laurent (the "Main") for some blocks before turning east, though is not as frequent as the 45 on Papineau. You can also take the Mont-Royal bus east to Papineau or De Lorimier and walk down a couple of short blocks. It should be a fairly easy place to park if you go there by car - there aren't a lot of "destinations" nearby.

        1. re: lagatta

          The Rachel bus (29) would be convenient if it ever ran more than every half hour/hour or ever in the evening. In addition to the Mont-Royal bus (97) another quick option is the Sherbrooke bus (24). East of parc lafontaine Rachel is a mere two blocks north of Sherbrooke.

          I look forward to trying this restaurant as it is really close to my place, which, as it has been said, does not have a lot of "destinations" nearby!

          1. re: lagatta

            They do not have a licence (BYOB or regular) so I assumed one cannot just bring in a bottle. The mantana resto is a BYOB.

            1. re: rosario

              That is a very odd error by "chroniqueur gastronomique" of La Presse. I have his paper column on my bulletin board. Will phone the restaurant and try to contact the writer if possible. Weird.

              1. re: lagatta

                Any news on this place? I am coming to Mtl soon and hoping it will be in business and open during the first coupled days of January.

                1. re: jmk60

                  A review of Les Deux Oliviers (dunno what's up with the name change) by Gildas Meneu published on 18th April 2010 mentions they are working on getting a BYO license.


                  I would give them a call to check before going.

                  Les Deux Oliviers
                  1870, rue Rachel Est, Montréal
                  514 526-4429

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    i used to live down the street from aux deux oliviers and it's definitely BYOB. great place. the tagine for two is a steal.