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Dec 28, 2009 06:21 AM

Scottsdale, last minute detour, one dinner, help please

My wife and I are making a previously unplanned visit to Scottsdale tonight. We were huge fans of Michael Stebner's Region Restaurant when he was in San Diego. Unfortunately, he does not seem to have a similar place in Arizona.

So we need a suggestion. We prefer restaurants that emphasize ingredients, farm to table, slow food philosophy. We love veggies and eat fish, but do not eat the meat of land animals.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Scottsdale is a large place, so it's hard to recommend something close by when we don't know what end you'll be on. That said, I might send you to Rancho Pinot. Chrysa Kaufman sources locally where possible. FnB on restaurant row in Scottsdale has a very small menu but they take great care in their ingredients.

      The gold standard for slow food in Phoenix is Quiessence Restaurant at The Farm. It's in south Phoenix, not far from one end of Scottsdale, but very far from the other.

      1. Themis' suggestions are all good. I'll also echo her point about the geography of Scottsdale: It's 30 miles tall and only 2 or 3 miles wide in most places. As a result, "Where in Scottsdale?" is an important question.

        Since you're timeline is tight, I'm just going to assume you mean the eastern half of the Phoenix Metro Area and add a few suggestions:

        Caffe Boa -- major new locavore emphasis due the addition of new chef Payton Curry. Despite the chef's enthusiasm for pork and charcuterie, there are good meatless and seafood options on the menu. Located in Tempe, just south of Scottsdale.

        Petite Maison -- French country cuisine with a locavore emphasis. The chef used to host locavore dinners in his former restaurant. Lots of red meat on the menu, but also good seafood. Not much meatless, though. Located in Old Town Scottsdale.

        Caffe Boa
        398 S. Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281

        Petite Maison
        7216 E Shoeman Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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        1. re: silverbear

          Thanks for your help. I've never been here, and so was unfamiliar with the geography.

          Wife and I are staying at the Hotel Valley Ho (home of Trader Vics).

          FnB looks perfect, except that it's not open tonight. I think both Rancho Pinot and Petit Maison are reasonably close. Will give them a call.

          Now that you know my location, any other suggestions?

          1. re: notjustastomach

            You'll be within walking distance of easy walking distance of Cowboy Ciao and a slightly longer, but still feasible, walk from Petite Maison. Rancho Pinot is about two miles north and would therefore be best reached via car, taxi, or bus. Another idea is Metro Brasserie, located right across the street from FnB and Cowboy Ciao. As the name suggests, it's French. I've enjoyed dinner there, but on't remember how locavore it is.

            Cowboy Ciao
            7133 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

            Metro Brasserie
            7114 E Stetson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

            Petite Maison
            7216 E Shoeman Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

            1. re: notjustastomach

              Grazie Pizzeria is right next to your hotel, easy walking distance and makes excellent salads, pizzas, etc. They have a really nice wine list and extremely hard to find Italian beers. Not very hard on the wallet either. Just an option. Also makes an excellent lunch place for the next day. BTW, the recs by Silverbear are spot on and you can't go wrong.

          2. Thanks for all your help. Petit Maison it was. Wonderful food at very reasonable prices. Not quite farm to table, but I'm no stickler. Coquille San Jacques was our favorite, but the bouillabaisse was also quite tasty.

            Only false note to the meal was that one of the large shrimp tasted of iodine.