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Dec 28, 2009 05:03 AM

Small party catering


I'm graduating from business school in June and am planning to cater a small party for 20-30 people in my home on graduation weekend. Since I've never done this before I'm trying to get a better idea of who the top caterers are the Chicago metro area that I might be able to talk to who handle small events.

I'm looking for a group that can do buffet and passed hors d'oeurves, provide waitstaff and a bartender. So someone who can handle both the food and the service aspect. I'll be able to provide the alcohol. I haven't decided yet on a type of cuisine or anything like that.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Check out Pasta Impromtu in the burbs. We used to frequent their restaurant in Barrington 10 years ago, and attended a party catered by them in Cary this past week and the food and service was incredible. Highly recommended! -mJ

    1. I've been to a cocktail party done by these fellows. Worth checking out.

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        1. I've been to a few parties with a catered by a personal chef who runs a small busiess - Chef Joe Dugan. He does small dinner parties and large parties as well. I think his prices are pretty reasonable. You can reach him at

          Congrats on your graduation!!

          1. I'm not sure if you're still looking as this is a delayed response, but I've used Jewell To Go catering for several work functions and they are very reliable, reasonably priced and have a great menu selection (besides the one listed on their site) for passed hors d'oeurves. They will provide a bartender too.