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Dec 27, 2009 11:07 PM

Mac and Cheese: Help, it's too creamy?

The past couple of times I’ve made Mac and Cheese, it turns out too creamy/wet.

I have followed the recipe on Cooks Illustrated and Alton Brown.

I feel like there might be too much milk, or is it a reduction issue before adding cheese?




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  1. More than likely too much milk. The cheese alone will not make it too creamy/wet. I have always made mac & cheese in a glass baking dish, layering the pasta and cheese (& salt, pepper & parsley, in my family) then adding milk, no more than 1/2 way up. BTW I've never used a recipe, so can't comment on those.

    1. I have never tried making Mac and Cheese, but it may be possible to thicken it with some flour or corn starch. I cook without recipes most times, but have over 200 cookbooks that I like to read and use only as guide lines.

      BTW, my youngest daughter Christmas gifted me with an apron that reads "I don't need a recipe...I'm Italian." I'm not of Italian heritage, but my wife of almost 50 years is of that heritage. The reason that I've never made Mac and Cheese is that I've seen enough pasta for 3 lifetimes. Pasta is not in my genes.

      1. I've made both recipes often (assuming you mean the stovetop one?) and they've always turned out fine, no reduction. It's a creamy recipe but not wet, just good ooey creamy. Are you draining the mac completely?

        1. are you sure the creamy version is what you are looking for? we find these recipes oretty rick and gooey.
          i suggest you try a recipe like lalana posts - ir will produce a firm product.
          or simply bake your current recipe in a shallower dish and longer.