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Dec 27, 2009 09:14 PM

which mixer???- blendtec mix n blend vs bosch mixer

i want to upgrade from a cheap drugstore hand mixer to a stand mixer. after much reading- chow and elsewhere, KA and cuisinart are out. made in china, heavy, motor burn out... i want something that is solid and will laaast a long time.

though not as pretty, the bosch and blendtec appeal to me b/c its multipurpose- mixer, food processor and blender and lighter weight yet powerful. the blendtec looks like an older bosch model.

i'm starting to invest in better small appliances, but my cheap side keeps yipping- this is how i found out about the blendtec mix n blend. pricewise, the blendtec mixer is a deal! they are well known for their deafening blenders but not sure how the well the mix n blend compares to the bosch. very few reviews about the blendtec mixer and they are all over the place.

i cook (when i do) for 1-2 and occasionally more- potluck, double batches of mostly cakes/cookies/desserts sort of things in a small kitchen. i'm not a bread maker but who knows? there may be a undiscovered bread maker in me! i'm hoping either will make me a regular cook too.

originally, i was looking at the compact bosch kitchen mixer 4 quart- but they stopped making them and ebay is selling more than what they retailed for. the newer bosch universal is more expensive and larger- 6 quart and is not recc'd for mixing small quantities.

i'm totally confused and torn between buying a over retail price no longer made compact bosch mixer ( cheap side can't believe i'm considering this!) vs a more expensive but too large bosch universal vs unknown blendtec mixer????

anyone hounds have input regarding the blendtec vs bosch mixer? or more specifically a blendtec mix n blend user???? the specs seems ideal, just need some sound hound support to make decision.

both seem to have some discounts out there until the end of the year. nothing amazing but would like to buy something before the year is out.

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  1. I own a Bosch Compact and belong to an online group dedicated to mixer owners. Putting aside that Blendtec's machine is a blatant knockoff of the Bosch Universal, NO one in that group--and most of them are very serious home bakers--owns the Blendtec knockoff. There are, however, many longterm, very happy Bosch users of Compacts or Universals and even of both who are members. I don't think you can go wrong with a Bosch. The machines are very long-lived and I understand customer service is excellent.

    1. "i want to upgrade from a cheap drugstore hand mixer to a stand mixer. after much reading- chow and elsewhere, KA and cuisinart are out. made in china, heavy, motor burn out... i want something that is solid and will laaast a long time."

      I'm a little puzzled about these statements. My mother owns a Kitchenaid and so do I. Both are ~25 years old and have given us no problems. Yes, they are heavier then many of the similar models with their steel cut gears and heavy duty motors. They have done everything we asked them do for a very long time with NO problems.

      The ones we own are the larger 5 quart bowl models with the vertical bowl lift and are a dream to own and use.

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      1. re: Sid Post

        I think your "~25 years old" is the key here. KitchenAid has been on the decline ever since Hobart (who make commercial mixers) sold the division. It's my understanding that they're okay for light tasks but can't hold up to even the occasional batch of bread (Amazon customer reviews confirm this).

        As of this post, BTW, the Compact is available through Pleasant Hill Grain, The Bread Beckers, and some smaller vendors as well (there are a number of people--usually those who homeschool and such--who sell Bosch and sometimes the DLX from home). Check out the videos on YouTube; they show just how versatile and POWERFUL this little machine is. It can handle bread dough without breaking a sweat and it's not much bigger than a toy. The model I have is no longer made (it's a little more upscale and has an extra 50 W) but the current model continues to get raves: . If you think your needs are heavier, though, look into a Universal+. If you'd like to see it and the DLX Assistent demonstrated, check out the videos on The Bread Beckers site: .

      2. i posted this question nearly 3 years ago! and completely forgot about it until chowhound sent me a response alert.

        well, i ended up with a magic mill/electrolux dlx in the end. had a small heart attack when i paid for it but its beautiful and powerful and now i make 4-5 loaves of organic whole wheat bread!

        but when i get older, i'll switch to a bosch compact.

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          1. re: freckles123

            Hi Freckles, why do you need to switch when you get older?

            1. re: smfan


              the dlx is fantastic but she is heavy- body is made of metal with a stainless steel bowl. i have a small kitchen so i have to put her away after each use.

              if i ever get a larger kitchen- she will sit out proudly and never need to be moved otherwise, i'll have to get a bosch- plastic, lighter....

              1. re: freckles123

                Hey, I envy you even with the small kitchen (which, unfortunately, I now have as well). Despite not needing one, not to mention that my Compact meets my needs completely (I'm in fact besotted with it), I'm still lusting after a DLX. An e-friend who just got one tells me that the footprint is pretty small despite its capacity. Have you watched the product video on The Bread Beckers' site?

                BTW, how'd you find your way from a Blendtec Bosch knockoff to a DLX? That's a big jump! And did you know that the DLX now has cake beaters?

            2. re: freckles123

              Wow! I wasn't in the market for new mixer, but after watching a youtube demo, I am now. I just put the DLX on my wish list and sent a link to this thread to my husband. With 2 boys under 2 and the most incredible husband (wink wink), I'll put it to very good use for many years.

              1. re: mkatieq

                A more powerful mixer sounds like the perfect fit for your family!

                Did you catch The Bread Beckers video (which is also, it seems, on YouTube)? Also, both the DLX and Bosch Universal+ are demonstrated on another of their videos: . There's another vendor that offers a choice of free cookbooks with the purchase of a DLX but when my time comes, I'm going to order from TBB because of the education I got watching their videos (I feel like I kinda owe them). Pleasant Hill Grain carries both machines as well; my friend ordered from them. They'd shipped her a problematic Bosch and were nice enough to allow her an exchange. Everyone I know who does or has done business with them is thrilled with them--they're apparently very professional and pleasant.

                1. re: MacGuffin

                  The bread beckers video on you tube is great. I've looked at a bunch of videos on you tube of the DLX/Verona over the last year or so while I dreamed of owning one. Now I'm just waiting for fedex to deliver mine this week. I'll be finally putting my Vitamix dry container to work grinding the wheat berries in my freezer.

                  1. re: rasputina

                    That's WONDERFUL. Please be sure to post your impressions--I'm living vicariously through other DLX owners at this point. :`( And I'm glad you liked the video--as soon as I saw it, I understood the machine's concept which it seems a lot of new owners don't grasp (undoubtedly due in part to not-so-hot users manual). That video is what REALLY sold me on the DLX.

                    1. re: MacGuffin

                      It arrived yesterday and I mixed up a huge batch of cinnamon rolls. Pioneer Woman's recipe that makes 7 pans of rolls and uses 9 cups of flour and a quart of milk, nice wet dough. Luckily I'd watched a bunch of videos on using the mixer so I didn't have the learning curve I've read about other people struggling with.

                      I love this mixer. It's quiet, the bowl is totally open ( one thing I HATED about my stand mixers) so there is no mess trying to pour additional ingredients into the bowl. It kneads wonderfully, it doesn't beat the crap out of the dough, just a silky lovely texture. Easy clean up and I love the timer, which is one thing I liked about my Cuisinart stand mixer.

                      It's a keeper.

                      1. re: rasputina


                        SO thrilled for you and really want to see this mixer and the Bosches get more recognition here; I can't believe how many Hounds seem to think KitchenAid is the last word in stand mixers, especially for dough making. And yes, I imagine that big, open bowl is a dream and I love appliances with timers...except the Vitamix--no need for one there IMHO. Just fantastic that you were able to jump right in and immediately and successfully whip up a huge batch of dough. Out of curiosity, just how bad IS the included support material?

                        1. re: MacGuffin

                          There is a dvd, well 2 dvds to cover all the languages. But it's the same ones that I've seen on you tube that just basically show you how to assemble everything and how the accessories like the grinder and blender work. The manual is a bunch of diagrams and pictures with maybe 2 pages of text in each language. I can see how people would struggle some if they hadn't watched the detailed videos online from actual users like bread Beckers ect, or read threads on The Fresh Loaf on how to use it.

                          I had my Kitchen Aid for about 20 years so I don't remember the manual, but I bought the Cuisinart stand mixer about 2 years ago and their manual is much better at explaining speeds and methods for the various typical applications you'd use a mixer for.

                          I mainly focused on bread doughs when I watched the videos online, but the dvd that came with the machine was fine for explaining how to use the white bowl that goes with the beaters. I used it to make the icing for the cinnamon rolls and had no problems putting it together from just the 1-2 minute max video.

                          By the way they came out great! Now I'm considering what I'm going to do with my other stand mixers. One of them I use for meat grinding, so I'll need to pick up the attachment for the Verona if I get rid of it.