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Dec 27, 2009 08:58 PM

ginger chews

i've become addicted to ginger chews recently and have been seeking out different brands. as of now i know of 3- ginger people, reed's, and chimes. i like chimes the best because they seem to be the strongest. i also like the peanut flavored ones. i'm curious what other people have to say about them......are there other brands out there that i don't know about yet?? has anyone tried the mango flavored ones?

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  1. I've had Reed's, Ginger People & another brand that I get at the Asian grocery.
    To me, the Asian grocery store one is the strongest. I don't know the name of the brand. White package, blue writing & some red kanji (iirc). Have not tried the mango.
    Need to try the peanut ones on your rec.

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      I have been using the ones you are describing (I think). small white box about the size of the old unfiltered camel cigarette pack. They are stronger and taste better than others I've had. They are from Indonesia distributed by an outfit called roxytrading (website the same) I get them in an oriental grocery in Tucson.