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Best Little Armenia Eatery?

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I am interested to know if there is a particularly delicious eatery in Little Armenia, & what are some delicious dishes to order? -JET

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  1. The push to name that area "Little Armenia" started decades ago and kept getting pushed to the side at the City Council. Finally, when it was named Little Armenia about 5 years ago, most of the Armenian community had moved to other areas such as Glendale.

    As a result, there are more interesting Armenian restaurants in Glendale than there are in Little Armenia. In fact, the most notable restaurants in/near Little Armenia are the Thai restaurants in adjacent/overlapping Thai Town.

    That said, Golden Fish, if it ever reopens, is a restaurant deli that does a pretty good job. And while not actually in Little Armenia (I don't think), Marouch has the best Armenian/Middle Eastern food in the area. The branch of Carousel in Little Armenia is a faint shadow of the much better branch in Glendale.

    There are also some good bakeries in Little Armenia. I like Taron for their savory offerings.

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        Another gem in the area is Shirak Market. They have a very well-stocked meat/deli counter, with fresh dolmas, hummus, baba ghanoush, meats and cheeses. They also have a broad selection of produce, from persimmons to guava, papaya, various interesting mushrooms, etc.

        They'd do themselves a favor by clearing some of the crap around the cash register to make room for actually checking out. But the actual product selection is very good considering the size of the market.

    1. Not in Little Armenia, but there's a new Armenian resto in Studio City called "Mantee" that I went to with an Armenian friend (who also cooks a lot -- she wrote a fantastic foodoir entitled "Siren's Fest") and she said everything was very authentic and excellent.

      I liked the food, too. Especially their sig dish -- the beef mantee.

      Place is really homely -- cute little covered and heated patio out back.

      On Ventura at Vineland, Studio City.

      1. Carousel on Hollywood Boulevard is really good. Although the interior is kind of depressing, the food is excellent and there's lots of it (a nicer version of Carousel is in Glendale on Brand). Get the ground meat kebabs with the yogurt sauce. Marouch is also good. And of course, Zankou for fast food is the best (get a tarna sandwich with extra crispy bread and extra garlic sauce--and then get some more garlic sauce on the side as well as some mutabbal).

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          Raffi's ain't too shabby. A lot of Armenians would point there or Carousel.

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            This is your lucky day! There is a tiny.fantastic Armenian gem in Little Armenia- on Santa Monica Blvd where it meets the Hollywood Freeway.- The Golden Fork. Fantastic home cooked food - great grilled fish and meat platters. Minimal decor - except for the de rigeur pic of Mt. Ararat. It's truly a find. BYOB or wine. Call ahead to enjoy special requests. This is far more intimate and natural than Carousel or Raffi's.

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              Yes, I agree with Jeryy. This place is quite unique in that it serves delightful Russian/Armenian dishes despite its very small size. I spoke to the owner about that one time, and he said 95% of their business is catering. So we get to enjoy the benefit of their great cooking in a small setting. The grilled food is the way to go, in my opinion.

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              Definitely Raffi's, 211 E. Broadway, in Glendale.

          2. Thanks, everyone, for all the great places to not; I'm already salivating!! -JET

            1. maybe not Little A, but Shiraz, get soup and tadik w pomegrante stew. thank me later!

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                Oh yes, Tadig with Fesinjan (Pommegranite) Sauce, Thank-you!!

              2. Have you tried the borek at either Taron's Bakery on Hollywood or Mush Bakery on Sunset? If you've not had them they are triangular pastries filled with a very slight tasting cheese that I'm guessing is a farmer's cheese. They are perfect for breakfast and will only set you back two bucks.

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                  They have really good borek at Haykazumi market on Sunset and Hobart. They'll also cook up kabobs for you on the grill in back. Yum.

                  I also like the lahmajun at Taron's. I squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on top, and it's delicious.

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                    Do any of the above places (Taron's, Mush, Haykazumi) have seating? I ask b/c this thread referred to an "eatery" rather than a market - lots of Armenian markets around but few (that I've been to - please, someone correct me) have seating and "act" like what we'd consider a normal eatery. I don't mean to disparage here - I just think they're two different things. I've been to Arax for falafel/shwarma, but would love to find a similar little place with parking, tables, and more variety (if such a thing exists). Carosel and Marouch are great, but anything more cafe-like??

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                      Good point. Taron's has a few tables out on the patio in front, and parking. But the menu is very limited to lahmajun, borek and a couple other baked goods. I've never been to Mush. Hayakazumi is a market that has no seating.

                      Since this was originally written in 2009, there have been a few additions to the neighborhood. Against all odds due to the location, Western Chicken is still in business and seems to be doing well. It's on Western, just north of Sunset. They have a decent selection of Middle Eastern food; and they have seating and parking.

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                    I'll definitely have to try it!