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Dec 27, 2009 07:09 PM

ambience and flourescent lights

I'm going to Rome in a few weeks, and I understand that the EU is now mandating that everyone switch to energy-efficient flourescent lights. I hate these lights - I think they ruin the ambience - and I'm wondering if anyone who's recently been to Rome has recommendations of places that still have great ambience, good food, and traditional lights, which are much softer and easier on the eye. Haven't been to Rome myself in a few years.


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  1. They don't call this the Eternal City for nothing. Changes don't happen overnight, and there are still an awful lot of lightbulbs out there to be used up before anybody switches to fluorescent. Search the board for your food and ambience and presume the lights are the same as always, for good or ill.

    1. Also, the new energy-efficient bulbs are not fluorescent in the classical sense, there are many natural-looking "shades" of them....

      1. Most the restaurants in Rome are still on tungsten light bulbs, and indeed many of the Christmas lights in the streets are strings of tiny Edison bulbs.

        One thing to remember though, restaurants all over Italy tend to be *bright* compared to what most people are used to in the US, and ambiance is often derived not from lighting, but decor and the attitude of the staff. Too bad about the mandate--a few 25 watt bulbs and candles would probably satisfy both concerns.