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Oyster Bar - New York City

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I have a reservation for the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station for New Years Eve. Do they use the regular menu or is it is fix price meal? Do you think that is a good idea for New Years Eve? We are trying to not blow the bank. wnew.iu th If you have some other suggestions for New Years that would be great. We are looking for around $100 per person for New Years Eve. I am staying at the New York Marriott East Side and am looking for suggestions for restaurants to eat at for 4 nights. We have a reservation at Bistro moderne one night and we would like to eat at Katz Deli (and do the foodie tour suggested). We like ethnic food but also are foodies. We would also like a suggestion for a restaurant for New Years Day. We have an 8 p.m. theatre that night. We like French food but like all kinds of food as long as it is well prepared.

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