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Dec 27, 2009 05:28 PM

Best Burgers in Western Washington?

Hey Folks,

Was just curious and wanted to get opinions on the best burgers in Western Washington.

What is your favorite place? What makes it special?

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    1. See the previous threads, but I'll put a marker on the Swinery's walk-up window as my favorite burger on this coast (get it with the house-made bacon!). Just wish there was a place to sit down and eat it, preferably with some beer.

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      1. re: terrier

        The Dome Stadium Tavern is just aroud the corner...

        1. re: mrnelso

          Funny, I was thinking about the Dome Stadium Tavern after I posted. I'll have to give that a try sometime - after I make sure my tetanus and hepatitis immunizations are up to date.

          1. re: terrier

            Once you've had your shots, maybe try the Double Header?

        2. re: terrier

          The Swinery on Main is closed.
          They say the property is in foreclosure.
          Bummer, as this was the best lunch in the neighborhood.

        3. I haven't had the Swinery burger yet, but I had Quinn's again recently and was again impressed by its excellence. Spur's bison burger is a favorite. Skillet's are good too, but there can be significant variation depending on who is cooking them. I also need to try Spring Hill's.

          1. Eastside Big Tom in Olympia. What makes it special? prolly the Goop and the service :D

            Eastside Big Tom
            2023 4th Ave E, Olympia, WA 98506

            1. I finally got to try The Counter and it's my new current favorite. They have quality beef in 1/3 pound [after cooking], 2/3 and one pound sizes which they cook medium unless you specify otherwise. Toppings were good and you can customize quite a bit if you are so inclined but the basic burger is so good you don't need to add much.

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              1. re: seattleviking

                Call me wrong, but I'm pretty sure The Counter par cooks their burgers. BIG NoNo for me. This left the meat lacking juice, and had an off-putting texture. I won't be going back.